Merchandising for “Nasha mama” in the chain of hypermarkets “Karusel”

The goal of merchandising is to increase the external attractiveness of products for the customer. The basics of consumer psychology, the latest marketing trends, and the conclusions drawn from the analysis of how competitors work are used.   Today we will tell you about our project for the brand “Nasha mama”.   Goals and objectives   Our goal was to deliver and install the mounted shelves (additional sales locations) and display the products in the company’s retail outlets.   Period: August-October, 2018.   Geography: cities of the Central Federal District.   About the customer   Brand “Nasha mama” is a major Russian manufacturer of products for children, pregnant women and nursing mothers.   The company’s assortment includes: hypoallergenic cosmetics, hygiene products, clothing, baby cots, etc. In total, the company produces and sells more than 1,200 products.   In addition, “Nasha mama” has ample opportunities for the sale of safe cosmetics, as it owns its own production in the Moscow region. Thanks to this, the brand became successful in the market and gained wide recognition.   In 2018, the owners contacted our agency with the task of selecting and coordinating promotional staff for the installation of additional sales locations and product displays.   Implementation   We have been working on the project for 3 months. Our agency team was responsible for the following tasks:   Search and training of personnel   CLEVER marketing managers focused all their efforts on finding staff to send to work in stores. The matter was complicated by the fact that it was necessary to find performers for different cities of Russia at once. The geography of our work extended to the Moscow, Leningrad, Lipetsk regions, Tatarstan and other regions of Russia.   Nevertheless, our employees successfully coped with the task.   The next stage was the delivery and installation of shelves.   Shelf delivery and installation   Installing additional sales locations is a powerful merchandising tool. It helps to attract the attention of customers thanks to the competent design, which will distinguish the rack from other shelves in the store. As a rule, popular positions or products that are included in the promotional program are laid out on them.   It is extremely important to make sure that not only the shelf is externally attractive, but also the goods on it look so that people immediately want to buy them. That is why the third task of our employees was the display of products.   Product display   The placement of items on the shelves should not be chaotic, but follow certain rules. The price, appearance, purpose, and other properties are taken into account.   Proper placement is a great way to put products in the best light and raise sales.   Reporting   We conducted strict reporting, provided the client with a photo report on the results of our employees ‘ work at the points in time. To confirm the fact of work, the merchandisers took 3 types of photos: the address of the outlet,…
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Influencer Marketing in TikTok for Garmin

Collaborations with bloggers can give an impetus to the development of your business. In order for advertising to bear fruit, it is necessary to choose the right platform for the dissemination of information, choose blogs based on the subject and parameters of the target audience, as well as competently conduct negotiations so that cooperation is beneficial for both sides.   Today we will talk about how to use influence marketing to promote smartwatches.   Goals and objectives   Our goal was to spread the word about the Garmin smartwatch line through the publication of promotional videos in TikTok.   To achieve the goal, the following tasks were set:   1. Find relevant blogs by topic.2. Agree on cooperation. 3. Deliver products for review. 4. Provide reporting.   Before proceeding to the story about the project, we will give a few words to the customer.   About the customer   We have been working with Garmin for many years – the company trusts us with complex projects, and each time is satisfied with the result.   This time, our goal was to promote the Venu Sq Music Edition watch line.The models in this series are designed for people who lead a healthy lifestyle. The device tracks important health indicators (heart rate, amount of sleep, stress level, etc.). In addition, it can work without recharging for 6 days, can be used for contactless payments, calls and Internet access.   With the help of a watch, a person can monitor the state of the body, plan workouts and rest, measure health indicators and, of course, select and download music for classes.   Implementation   During the negotiations, it was decided to order paid placement from popular TikTok bloggers. The search was focused among channels about sports, nutrition, and training. In this way, we hoped to attract an audience that would be potentially interested in buying the client’s products.Did we manage to achieve our goal? We will tell you more!   So, we were faced with the following tasks:   Search for performers   To implement the project, we searched for channels in the TikTok app. The selection took into account the topic of blogging, the number of subscribers and the average number of views of recent videos, which helped to predict the coverage of videos with advertising integration enabled.   Together with the customer, it was decided to offer the recording of commercials to 4 large ticktockers:   1. Ekaterina Hristas-the girl records entertaining and motivating videos about weight loss and a healthy lifestyle, gives recommendations and offers effective ways of training for different muscle groups.2. Vera Biryukova is an Olympic champion in rhythmic gymnastics and runs her own channel, where she shares her daily sports routine, gives advice to those who are interested in gymnastics and stretching.3. Daria Chepyzhko, whose blog is dedicated to magic tricks and funny tricks. The girl reveals the secrets of magic tricks so that everyone can repeat them on their own.4. Daria Chumakova shoots funny videos from…
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How to realize an advertising campaign in Vkontacte: main rules

Should you run advertising campaign in VKontacte? Does it work or not? According to survey, it works, but not for everyone, just like any other ad. The result of the promotion depends on the nature of the business, targeting settings, and ad design. So the only way to find out is to try and experiment.   In this article, we will show you a simple example of how to launch an advertising campaign in VKontakte, what settings to experiment with to increase the effectiveness of advertising, and where to look for help if you have any questions.   Step 1. Determine your advertising budget   The minimum amount is 500 rubles, less is technically impossible. We recommend that you first take 4-5 thousand rubles to test the channel. This money will be spent on several ads with different settings that will help you find the right strategy.   The VKontakte payment system is advanced — the budget needs to be replenished in advance, before launching ads. You won’t spend more than you plan to.   Step 2. Learn the rules and recommendations of VKontakte   Before you top up your advertising budget, read the general principles and restrictions. Because it is not easy to return money from the advertising cabinet.   You must find the answers to the questions:   1. Will the moderators of VKontakte allow advertising on my topic? 2. Will my landing page (website, landing page) be allowed for advertising? 3. Are the images and texts that I want to use in my ads suitable?   Learn the rules of advertising on VKontakte. There are requirements for the text and image. As well as restrictions imposed by the law — for example, which topics can not be promoted on VKontakte. Make sure to check if your car is there.   Examples of restrictions:   1. if you are engaged in network marketing, your ads will not be approved by the moderators; 2. if you want to advertise an online food store, you will be required to submit documents for the products; 3. if your site has an order form, but no information about the use of personal data is issued, you will not be allowed to send advertising to it.   VKontakte moderators check each ad for compliance with all requirements. This takes up to 12 hours maximum, but is usually moderated in 1-2 hours.   Step 3. Select the ad format   Click on the “Create Ad” button in the upper-right corner of the advertising cabinet, you will be taken to a page with ad formats. VKontakte offers 2 types of advertising for business:   1. Advertising entries in the news feed (visible on computers, tablets, and mobile devices). 2. Ads on the site pages, under the menu on the left (visible only on computers).   It is better for an online store to use the first option — advertising in the feed. It is more likely to catch the eye of a potential buyer than…
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How to participate in an exhibition: 5 steps

Entering a new market is always a challenge for every company. Perfect solution to make it easier and faster is participation in an exhibition.   The purposes of exhibitions are to provide a fruitful environment for the development of companies and attract the target audience. As a result, it is a tool for promoting your products or services and increasing sales. A few figures: about 46% of exhibition participants buy the products and services presented.   But how to do it? Here are the most important five steps to participate in an exhibition.   First step: choose an exhibition   First of all, you should decide on the choice of the exhibition, taking into account the direction of your business. The main question that this stage answers is: what benefits will participation in the exhibition bring to the company, how much will the level of sales increase (and this is still the fundamental goal of each participant).   To pre-evaluate the effectiveness of the exhibition, we advise you:   1. If you plan to participate in the exhibition for more than a year, go to the exhibition beforehand as a visitor.2. Look at the exhibition company’s website for the list of participants of last year’s exhibition.3. Pay attention to whether there are any competitors among the exhibiting companies, what is the level of participants in general.4. Instruct your employees to analyze publications in the media. Were there any articles on the results of the event, how was it evaluated?5. Read the releases published on the exhibition website. If the materials are written uninterestingly, briefly, or not at all, this indicates a disdainful attitude of the organizers both to the event and to the participants of the exhibition.6. Look for references on the Internet.7. The most effective way is to call the participants of last year’s exhibition and try to talk openly with them: how do they assess the overall organizational level, how many visitors were there.   Second step: prepare for participation in the exhibition.   After you have selected an exhibition and defined the purpose of participation, you can assign employees to prepare for the event.   1. You need to ask yourself and your Director of Marketing, Advertising and PR the following questions:2. What is the level of participation in this exhibition of the company’s competitors?3. Do we clearly present a portrait of a potential client?4. What is the expected flow of visitors? (A preliminary assessment is necessary to determine the number of handouts.)5. Is it possible to distribute expensive materials (leaflets, booklets, etc.) to random visitors (appeal to non-target groups)?6. Have BTL promotions been developed?   At this stage, you should assign those responsible for the specific stages of preparation for participation in the exhibition, determine the budget for participation and start discussing the details. At the same stage, you need to start working closely with the exhibition management. Third step: solve all technical problems   Then you will have to solve a number of technical issues…
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Press conference in honor of the 20th anniversary of McDonald’s in St. Petersburg

Clever marketing has extensive experience in organizing different projects. We have more than 2000 successful projects of promotion Russian and international brands in our piggy bank.   Today we will tell you about how we were preparing a press conference for McDonald’s.   Goals and objectives   Such a format requires careful preparation, because the event is attended by senior management and journalists who cover the event in the media.Our goal was to organize a press conference aimed at strengthening the brand’s leadership position in the market and improving its image indicators   We have broken down the goal into specific tasks:   1. Scenario development 2. Logistics and installation of equipment 3. Festive decoration4. Reporting   Geography: Saint Petersburg.   About the project   McDonald’s has more than 500 restaurants in the regions of Russia. In 2016, the city of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region had 73 establishments (63 – in the northern capital, and 7 restaurants in the region).   In September 2016, the company celebrated its 20th anniversary in the region. On the eve of the anniversary, the brand turned to our agency to organize a thematic conference to summarize the results of all the years, tell about the current position of the company in the Russian market and plans for the future.   Next, we will tell you in detail about how our team helped in organizing the promo campaign.   Implementation   The customer has assigned us a full range of tasks for the project:   Rent of premises   Together with the client, it was decided to hold a conference in the restaurant, which is located in the very center of the northern capital (Kamennoostrovsky Prospekt, 39).   This is a key place for all fast food lovers, because it was here exactly 20 years ago that the first McDonald’s in St. Petersburg was officially opened.The next step was to create an event plan.   Scenario development   At the beginning, the journalists were given a tour of the production facilities and the kitchen, which are usually hidden from the eyes of visitors. Guests were able to see the process of cooking “Makzavtrak”.   Then Alexey Semenov, managing director of the McDonald’s restaurant chain in Russia, spoke about the results achieved in the region. From the very beginning of its activity, the company has adhered to two principles-providing comfort to customers and an individual approach. According to Alexey, this approach to work has become a key factor in the fact that for 20 years the organization has held a leading position among other fast food establishments.   The popularity of the brand is evidenced by the fact that over twenty years, McDonald’s has been visited by more than 500 million people in total. Every day, more than 160 thousand people become guests of the establishments (statistics for St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region).   Separately, they talked about the high quality of products, which is achieved thanks to an established system of supply…
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Merchandising in Russia: is it really useful?

As is well known, 80% of consumers put in their grocery basket the product that attracted their attention with its price, packaging design, and ease of purchase. And only 20% are concerned about the consumer properties of the product, carefully studying its characteristics, composition, and useful substances. That is why the merchandising of goods in our time is so important.   Good merchandising in the store is aimed at increasing customer loyalty to the presented product, at stimulating purchases.   In 2021 it is still marketing tool that really can help you to gain your business goals.   Merchandising: what is it   Merchandising is one of the areas of marketing that determines the method of presenting the product in the store. Trade merchandising is responsible for the set of products presented on the shelves, for the methods of their display, for the supply of related materials, including advertising, as well as for the price of the product.   The purposes of merchandising    1. Display of goods on shelves, showcases, stands, as well as throughout the retail space with maximum benefit for sales. 2. Providing customers with all the necessary information about the product. 3. Monitoring and maintaining up-to-date layout; 4. Stimulating impulsive purchases and increasing the average check; 5. Updating the layout and advertising and information POS-materials accompanying the products.   The main rules of merchandising   The Golden Triangle rule   It says that the most popular product should be located in the farthest corner from the entrance, and the cash register-in the opposite far corner from the most popular product. The simplest example of such a layout is the location of bread in a supermarket. Please note that it is usually located in the farthest corner from the entrance, so that you pass half of the store on the way to it. And the cash registers are in the opposite direction, so that you overcome the second part of the store on the way to the exit.   The “blind spot” rule   As a rule, less popular products are placed immediately at the entrance. This zone is considered dead, because a person immediately overcomes it, being in the mode of adaptation to the location of products on the shelves.   The “clockwise” rule   Since most people are right-handed, when they enter the store, they unconsciously turn their head to the right, start moving counterclockwise. Place the entrance and exit of the store so that a person, following counterclockwise, can pass all the shelves.   The “first promotion” rule   Promotional items are recommended to be placed immediately at the entrance. So a person, having already taken the first steps in the store, turns on the purchase mode. The “eye-level placement” rule   The person’s gaze is directed forward, accordingly, the most profitable placement of the product is considered to be one that is in the field of view of the buyer – at the level of his eyes. To draw the buyer’s attention to…
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SMM for the chain of car washes “Moy Sam!”

Today in social networks you can find customers for any type of business, including motorists who need the services of car washes.   In this case, the creation of a content plan and additional advertising will be aimed at the owners of cars and should clearly fall under the “pain” and needs of customers, take into account their requests, interests, etc.   We have rich experience in digital promotion of various types of companies. Today we will tell you about how we implemented a project on SMM for the chain of car washes ” Moy Sam!»   Goals and objectives   “Moy Sam!” is a large chain of self-service car washes located close to the hypermarkets “O’key” in major cities of Russia (Northwestern Federal District, Central Federal District, and Southern Federal District).   The company applied to our agency with the task of promoting the brand through social networks.   It was important for the client to achieve the following goals:   1. Increase the passability of car washes2. Attract new customers3. Increase brand awareness   After defining the goals, we broke them down into specific tasks:   1. Developing a content strategy2. Targeting3. Community management (processing applications and comments, conducting contests, sweepstakes, games)4. Seeding in thematic groups to increase the number of subscribers5. Provision of monthly reports   Using 3 powerful marketing tools (social media management, targeted advertising, and seeding), we achieved great results. However, about everything in order.   Implementation   Creating a content plan   Based on the portrait and interests of target audience community, we have developed a plan for maintaining communities on Instagram, VKontakte and Facebook.   After joint negotiations with the marketing specialist of the company ” Moy Sam!”, it was decided to draw up a plan that included two types of posts:   Selling   What they included: a description of the features and benefits of car washes, news about discounts, promotions and favorable offers for customers. Such publications accounted for 60% of all content. Entertainment/educational   What they included: useful materials for motorists (changes in traffic regulations, news, tips on car repairs), games, puzzles and opinion polls.   Community Management   It is important to constantly monitor the communities and communicate with the audience: process incoming requests, respond to comments, work through the negative and give answers to questions.   To increase the activity in the groups, additional contests were held, which work perfectly to attract subscribers.   Launch of targeted ads   We developed creatives, texts, and launched ads focusing on the target audience. The posts were dedicated to current promotions and discounts. To collect the database, we parsed the target audience in the advertising cabinet in VKontakte, and also used the service – Pepper Ninja. The program helps to gather an audience of people according to the necessary criteria: gender, age, geolocation, interests, etc.   Seeding in social media groups   Seeding – purchase of advertising places in popular communities. We have selected groups and public sites that are suitable…
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Training of promo personnel for the retail chain “Lenta”

“Lenta” is a Russian chain of hypermarkets and our permanent partner. We have been cooperating with the brand for 3 years, and we have a number of successful cases for the company, including projects for organizing promotions, opening new outlets, promoting the company on the Internet (creating a website, advertising in social networks).   In December 2020, the customer again applied to our agency with the task of finding and hiring promoters for the promotion in stores.   Goals and objectives   The goal of the project is to find and coordinate promoters to register loyalty cards in the hypermarkets “Lenta”.   We were faced with the following tasks:   1. Search, hire, and train personnel.2. Provision of materials (clothing).3. Reporting.   Geography: cities of Russia.   Period: December 2020.   Next, we will tell you about the stages of working on the project in stages.   Implementation   Search and hire of promoters   The main contractor of Lenta was not able to fully cover the entire scope of work, which resulted in a shortage of staff. The customer immediately contacted us, and we immediately got down to business.   We had only one day to close the gap in the lack of promoters, find them and negotiate about cooperation. Thanks to the clear and well-coordinated work of our managers, we managed to recruit a team of 38 people.   We are especially proud of the fact that on December 31, we managed to send 64 people to the stores at a time. To gather such a large number of people on a festive day at first seemed like an impossible task, but we managed to do it. An additional complication was that we worked in a number of Russian cities at once, including retail outlets in St. Petersburg and the regions.   Staff training   In order for the work to pass without hitches, it is necessary to clearly explain the duties to employees.   The promoters had to arrive at the store at the right time and help customers with the registration of loyalty cards during the day. They moved around the hall, told visitors about the conditions of participation in the promotion, the advantages of the card, and answered questions.Providing employees with materials (clothing) Themed clothing additionally attracted attention and motivated people to come up and find out the details of participation in the campaign.   Each promoter was provided with clothing in corporate colors: a cap with the brand’s logo, a sweatshirt with the words (“All inclusive for your benefit”, “I will help you issue a card”), as well as a shoulder bag.   Reporting   At the end of the project, we summed up the results and provided the client with full reporting.   The company trusts us with a full range of tasks, including personnel search, coordination, procurement of materials, installation of equipment and logistics. From time to time, we prove that a well-coordinated team work is a guarantee of success in the…
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SMM in Twitter: all about it

Despite the fact that Twitter can be blocked on the territory of Russia and now Roskomnadzor began to slow down the speed of its work, it is one of the most popular Social Media in Russia.   There are about 700 000 authors; they write 41,7 twits during one month. Twitter in Russia is in demand among Mass Media, bloggers and companies.    To make your blog popular in Russian Twitter, you should be familiar with the details of promotion there. That’s why we prepared this article.   Benefits of Twitter for business promotion   The benefits of using Twitter to promote your business are undeniable:   1. Twitter guarantees a wide reach-thanks to the absence of borders and the viral spread of tweets, Twitter is the ideal social network for spreading news, discussing opinions, and finding customers; 2. It is an effective communication tool-get real-time data on any mention of your brand, hashtag associated with you, and engage in discussions with users; 3. Twitter-a source of traffic-given the requirements for the length of a tweet, integrating a Twitter account with the main web resource increases traffic, brand awareness, and subscriber loyalty; 4. Twitter = search engine — with the development of hashtags, Twitter began to compete with search platforms for tracking news; 5. It improves your SEO performance — tweets with the exact occurrence of the keywords you are interested in can appear in the Google search results in high positions; 6. Twitter helps to increase sales, especially in B2B — according to research, small and medium business that is moving in Twitter, is 69% more sales than companies that don’t promote your business in this social network; 7. Twitter is dominated by user-generated content polls and studies ExacTarget show that 61% of Twitter users involved in content creation for brands and businesses.   Internal Twitter research confirms that maintaining an account on this social network increases brand awareness and blog readability by 75%.   General rules   You should immediately establish a culture of information submission and communication from the account. Frequent jumps to different approaches may not appeal to your users. We have come up with a check-list that will help you in drawing up your Twitter policy:   What type of content to post?    The main thing to remember is that Twitter is an ideal tool for announcing regularly appearing content, the media can not do without it so try to use it to attract an audience to your company’s blog or to the other Social Media.  Don’t forget about the entertaining twits, but also don’t post them too often because it can just irritate people.    How often post it?    You need to choose the time when your target audience is ready to consume it, and decide whether to post it immediately as it arrives, as the media do, or distribute it in time intervals.   What to do if there are not enough info reasons to publish?    Here, on the one…
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Outdoor advertising and seeding in social networks for Tele2

The placement of POS materials is an effective method for local brand promotion, when the company needs to increase awareness in a particular city or region. Companies also use seeding in Social Media to attract the attention of local residents.   Today we will tell you about how we organized promotion for Tele2 – telecommunications network – in the cities of Karelia and the Pskov region.   Goals and objectives   The following goals were set for Clever marketing:   1. Seeding in urban public places (Petrozavodsk and Pskov).2. Booking areas for advertising (shopping centers, gas stations, cafes, transport, etc.).3. Purchase, delivery and installation of promotional materials.   We have broken down the goals into specific tasks:   1. Booking of sites.2. Preparation of lounge areas in the shopping center.3. Purchase and installation of materials (banners, videos, portable batteries).4. Selection of groups in social networks for publishing posts.5. Purchase of advertising (2GIS).6. Reporting.   Implementation   Now we will tell you in details about what our work consisted of:   The project in Petrozavodsk   The promotion of Tele2 in Karelia took place in September 2020 and consisted of the following tasks:   Seeding in social networks   Our managers found groups in the social network VKontakte for placing ads. City and news communities with an active audience were selected.   Design of the lounge areas   We have designed recreation areas for visitors to the shopping centers of Petrozavodsk (shopping centers “Tetris”, “Maxi”), where people could relax in between shopping. The zone is an “island” with comfortable sofas, next to which luminous banners are placed. Placement of promotional materials   Inside the shopping centers, a video was broadcast, which was in a prominent place and fell into the field of view of a large number of visitors.   The videos were broadcast in 3 shopping centers: “Lotus Plaza”, “Maxi” and “Tetris”.   Advertising in 2GIS   A separate direction was the publication of information in 2GIS maps. The platform allows you to set up the display of ads for a specific region.   In November and December, we worked on a project similar to this on the ski base of Algora to Petrozavodsk.   The project in the “Algora»   The Yalgora Active Recreation Center is a popular gathering place for tourists, skiers and winter sports enthusiasts.   The work was carried out in two directions:   Booking of sites   We rented seats in a restaurant and cafe with a large passability of people. Next, we had to deliver and install equipment and materials in the institutions.   Creating and editing a banner   We purchased and delivered the banner. A large poster in a prominent place additionally helped to attract the attention of the guests of the ski complex.   Installing powerbank   On the tables for all visitors, we have placed portable chargers. People could use them for free to recharge their phones. Flyers with advertising information were attached on top of the devices. As…
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