Promotion of website

High positions of the site in search engines, high traffic of visits and active users who comment on materials and share them with friends – this is what the promotion of Internet sites is aimed at.   Today we will tell you how the work on promotion went fot the site:   Goals and objectives   We had 2 goals:   1. Analyze information on the subject.2. Fill the site with relevant content.   To achieve these goals, the following tasks were set:   1. Perform a comprehensive analysis of competitive sites.2. Collect relevant queries on topics in the Internet.3. Creating and publishing materials as part of SEO optimization.   Before describing the process of promotion, let’s give a few words about the project.   About the customer is a site created for people interested in the topics of labor organization, opening and running a business, investment and earnings. Users will find articles on the following topics here: tips for creating a competent resume, rules of business communication and team psychology, various acts, contracts and forms of documents for downloading, as well as articles on crediting and finance.   Since 2019, Clever marketing has been promoting it.   Next, we will tell you more about each stage of the work.   Implementation   Analysis of the competitive sites   There are a number of similar sites on the Internet.   After analyzing the competitors, we have compiled a list of positive and negative aspects.   We looked at user activity, noting popular queries that people will be interested in.   As a result, a cluster of keywords for search queries was collected for inclusion in texts.   After the analysis, we moved on to creating a suitable content.   Writing SEO – optimized content   The information is presented in 5 sections:   1. Credits and loans (ideas for earning money, banks, investments).2. Contracts and sample documents3. Acts, forms and blanks (samples, rules for filling in).4. Resume (instructions for drawing up and formatting, examples).5. Change of workplace (types of layoffs, useful tips).   We continue to create, provide keywords, and post new articles. In the meantime, let’s talk about the next stage.   SMM   To increase traffic, we created and developed groups in social networks: Facebook, Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte and Instagram.   We regularly post inspiring quotes about business on our Instagram blog, and on other platforms we leave links to articles that people can use to get to the main resource.   In total, social networks have more than 28 thousand subscribers!   Design and layout   We set a goal to create a convenient and functional website.   A minimalistic design was chosen, with red and white colors.   We have divided the content into 5 categories. A person looking for information on a specific topic can immediately go to the appropriate tab.   In addition, we removed all errors in the code, made a new line, and optimized the site for viewing from…
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Display advertising in Russia: particularities

Display advertising on the Internet is a kind of mix that includes the main formats for submitting information. It includes text, audio-visual materials, and interactive elements. For example, a media page may contain branded videos, audio ads, banners, text ads, and so on. In the West, such a complex capture of target audience attention was dubbed the term display ads. In other words, any ad that we see or hear from the screen can be considered a display ad.   In Russia, this type of advertising is quietly popular because of its price (it isn’t very expensive) and variety of formats. First of all, let’s speak about its advantages and disadvantages.   Pros and cons   We will list just some of them which are the most important to set up this type of advertising.   The capture of attention   Users are more likely to click on a media page than on a regular text block. Animation, interactivity, sliders, and a survey increase the involvement of the target audience.   Price In contextual advertising, the cost of placing ads is constantly increasing. Display advertising in ad networks is much cheaper. Targeting   Targeting a relevant audience, which increases the effectiveness of the campaign.   The disadvantages include banner blindness – the tendency of users not to notice ads due to the overload of information flow. The intrusiveness of some types of ads does not cause the desired response from users.   Formats of display ads   It is mainly associated with the following formats for submitting information:   Offline   Outside of the Internet, advertising has all the characteristics of display ads, that is, it affects a person in a complex way, but without interactivity. The offline direction includes outdoor advertising (banners, banners, posters), print ads, TV shows, and internal advertising.   The advantages of this format are wide audience coverage. Disadvantages – lack of targeting and high cost. However, experts note that conservative methods give a good response in the regions of the Russian Federation. Using call tracking technology, you can track the effectiveness of offline ad sources.   Banners   They were the basis for online media advertising. This format is a graphic element that contains an image or animation. Blocks can be dynamic or static, and have fixed or floating sizes. Banner networks use the programmatic technology, which automatically detects the target audience of an ad message and offers users options for displaying ads: RTB auction or programmatic direct. Types of banners:   1. Graphic-still image or simple gif animation; 2. Text and graphic – image and description; 3. A teaser block is often a shocking image with a provocative title; 4. Slider-the slot uses several creatives that change according to a schedule; 5. Expandable-stretchable banners; 6. Rich-media – a rich block of information that POPs up on top of the page content. Often contains an audio track. This format often irritates the audience, so use it only with a hot audience. Pop-up banners can appear…
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Mobile marketing in Russia

The number of mobile Internet users in Russia continues to grow. Nearly half of Russians use mobile devices to surf the net and make purchases. About a third of them, i.e. 20 million people count to so called mobile-only users – they don’t use PCs for Internet access preferring mobile devices instead, as stated in the recent survey of Mediascope.   In this article we will talk about mobile marketing in Russia as it is one of the most important part of promotion strategy for those who want to start their business in Russia.   Some statistics   Smartphones are Russian’s favorite gadgets. They have outrun tablets and neared desktop computers as the most frequently used devices for Internet access. About 54% of Russians browsed the Internet from their smartphones – more than twice as many as from tablets that own 19%.  Experts point out that the preference for smartphones for surfing the net could be explained by low costs of mobile connectivity in Russia, numerous possibilities for free WiFi access in public places and by relatively low costs of high quality mobile devices.   As a result, users prefer to purchase on the Internet from the smartphones. About 35% of all online purchases are made from mobile devices.   So what do Russians usually buy on the Internet:   1. Children’s goods (30%);2. Beauty and health (24%);3. Electronic devices and household appliances (16%);4. Furniture and household goods (9%);5. Garden utensils (8%);6. Food (5%).   All these statistics show that users in Russia will continue to make purchases from the smartphones. So brands should also build their marketing strategies based on this information.   Mobile advertising in Russia   The growth of mobile Internet and the flourishing of m-commerce in Russia caused the growth of mobile advertising as well. The market of mobile advertising in Russia is estimated to increase by 30% every year. The strategies of mobile advertisers are designed by mobile users’ behaviour. Big Data are the key words in mobile advertising in Russia as well as worldwide. The possibilities to gain and process huge amounts of data lead to a significant transformation of advertising techniques.   Advertising is getting particularly targeted at the audience which is potentially interested in an offered ad. This narrows down the target audience and helps to make mobile advertising more effective. As Russian giant reports, narrow targeting has become a prevailing trend in the Russian mobile advertising. It enables to display advertisements to a certain small group of people or even to a singular person.   What instruments of it should you use?   There are numerous formats of mobile advertising available in Russia. We will describe just some of them.   Contextual advertising   This type is context-based ad adapted for screens of mobile devices. It is one of the most popular in mobile industry in Russia. The context of search on mobile Internet, i.e. search conditions, semantic features, keywords etc. defines the selection of ads shown on the device.
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Opening of a new hypermarket “Lenta” on Obvodnoi channel

Opening a retail outlet in the city is a holiday for both business owners and citizens. The first ones want to create an amazing event and attract as much attention as possible, and the last ones – to learn all about products, profitable promotions and have a good time.   In 2019, we helped the retail chain “Lenta” organize a PR campaign in honor of opening of a hypermarket after repair on Obvodny canal in St. Petersburg.   Goals and objectives of project   Objectives:   1. To tell citizens about the start of work of hypermarket after repair.2. Create a positive image of the company by creating a promo campaign.3. Increase the store’s traffic and improve the dynamics of sales growth in general, as well as for specific positions.4. Strengthen the customer’s leading position in the market.   The goals were divided into tasks:   1. Create a scenario and mechanics of event.2. Purchase, installation, delivery and branding of equipment.3. Search and training of promotional staff (promoters, animators, supervisors, etc.).4. Organization of additional entertainment for guests.   Deadline: November 2019.   Before proceeding to the story about the progress of work, we will pay a few words to the customer.   About the customer   Lenta is a retail chain founded in 1993. For 7 years, the company has grown into a market leader. Today it has 247 hypermarkets and more than 130 supermarkets in all regions of Russia. The product catalog includes food, household chemicals, tableware, textiles, clothing and footwear.   In 2018, Lenta on the Obvodny canal had to be closed for repairs. A year later, the owners decided to start from scratch and launch a new hypermarket in the same place.   We will tell you more about how we helped organize the opening ceremony.   Implementation   We had 4 days to prepare the event.   The work was carried out in the following areas:   Creating a scenario   The main goal is to tell guests about changes in the store’s operation. This is a new creative space with an unusual design, bright graphic elements and innovations. Among the new products: self-scanners, convenient cash registers for self-service and LED screens for internal advertising.   It was important for us to make sure that customers could try out all the advantages, walk around the halls and get acquainted with the assortment. To do this, we have developed a scenario and timing so that visitors have enough time to attend performances, as well as make purchases.   In order for the entire process to go smoothly, you need high-quality technical support   Purchase and branding equipment   Since the location of the PR campaign had already been determined, we had to buy and place the necessary equipment.   On the street there was a stage from which the director of the company made a solemn speech. There were also music and dance performances, so we provided the speakers with all the equipment (microphones, speakers, etc.).  …
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Promotion of RosBusinessConsulting on Alfa Future People

The organization of a promo zone for a large media holding RosBusinessConsulting is listed in the piggy bank of successful projects of Clever marketing. This is an organization that includes a TV channel, magazine, newspaper, and news Agency.   Thousands of people visit the RBC Internet portal every day to find out the latest world and Russian news in various spheres of life, from sports to cryptocurrency.   In 2018 and 2019, we conducted PR campaigns aimed at strengthening the positive image of the brand. How it was – read the article.   Goals and objectives   The Agency’s team had the following goals:   1. Improve the client’s image indicators by attending a music festival.2. Increase awareness by telling stories about the media holding and its projects.3. Increase the loyalty of viewers and readers, and attract a new audience.   We have divided the goals into tasks:   1. Rent and arrange a site.2. Buy the necessary equipment (press machines, branded clothing for staff, etc.).3. Find and train employees (promoters, hostesses).   Period: 2018, 2019   First, let’s say a few words about the Alfa Future people festival.   About the festival   Alfa Future People is one of the largest Russian festivals dedicated to electronic music and modern technologies. Each year it has its own theme.   In 201i and 2019, the festival was held 5 and 6 times, and visitors could not only enjoy the performances of world-famous DJs, but also visit 5 exhibition zones divided by topics: health, communication, self-development, safety and technology. The guests tested fashionable gadgets that aim to make everyone’s life easier and better. For example, you could go to the baroox mobile pressure chamber, inside which you can breathe clean oxygen (helps relieve fatigue), attend lectures in the “lecture hall”, or try your hand at games using the new virtual reality glasses from PlayStation.   The event is held annually in Nizhny Novgorod, attracting tens of thousands of people. The audience consists of active young people who are interested in technical inventions, business and culture. This audience is the target audience for the RBC media holding, so we have focused our efforts on attracting the attention of as many people as possible.   Next, we will tell you in detail about the stages of work.   Realisation   The project was implemented in the following areas:   Zone rental   We have prepared a platform for hosting promo staff and guests. It was a separate tent where people could learn more about RBC, learn about the brand, future plans, and planned activities.   The organizer provided us with a favorable location with high traffic. RBC also collaborated with the organizers and posted news materials about how the event is going and what activities are worth visiting. Our client became the official guide and information partner of the festival. This also had a positive impact on the popularity of our zone.   Purchase and installation of equipment   In order to attract guests,…
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How to start e-mail marketing: 10 useful tips

Email marketing is an important online marketing channel in Russia. And if you don’t know how to use right, we will help you with it!   Here is a list of the 10 most important steps you need to start email marketing in Russia.   Choose a right service   If the address database is up to 10,000 subscribers, and we are only talking about setting up basic triggers, such as welcome emails, then a simple service is enough. For example, you can use Sendsay, Unisender, SendPulse or GetResponse for such projects.   If the base is more than 10,000 contacts and you are sure that you need complex mechanics, it is better to immediately include advanced services. We use the Mindbox. Exponea, Retail Rocket, and Emarsys are also suitable.   Set up subdomain of a sender   All mails should be sent only from the subdomain of the third level and higher. This is a kind of safety net: if the reputation of the main domain deteriorates (and this can happen even if you do not send spam), everyone will suffer – both mailing lists (including transactional ones) and corporate mail.   Set up technical titles   Don’t forget about DKIM, SPF, and DMARC. At least the first two, if you don’t want mail services to perceive your mails as spam. DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) is a technology that works for the benefit of email recipients. It uses public encryption keys and other obscure words to confirm that the email was actually sent from the claimed subdomain. Simply put, it reduces the risk of automatically getting mails in spam.   SPF is a Sender Policy Framework or Protocol that the sender uses to specify a list of servers that can send messages on their behalf. The goal is the same-to minimize the risk of getting into spam.   DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication) is optional, but useful. In principle, the presence of SPF and DKIM is already sufficient, since DMARC works on the basis of their authentication protocols. One way or another, it detects the sender’s domains and prevents phishing attacks (fake emails from pseudo-banks, for example).   Set up FBL   FBL is another important abbreviation for Feedback Loop. This thing automatically unsubscribes from mailing lists of users who send them to spam. Without it, you will still send emails to those who don’t want to. This “hygiene” of the database reduces the risk of getting into spam.   Set up postmasters   These are tools of mail services where you can track the sender’s reputation – how much % is delivered to Inbox, how much to spam. And some of them have advanced statistics on mailing lists, such as how many users opened, how many read, and how much time they spent reading. Postmasters are configured in the interface of mail services for subdomains from which messages are sent. To configure it, you will need to confirm ownership of the subdomain, so you will need the developer’s help…
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Promotion of the series “Patriot” for TV channel “TNT”

Launch of a new TV series is impossible without advertising promotion aimed at attracting viewers and motivating them to watch. People learn about new products through advertising on the Internet, bloggers, banner ads on websites. Another option to tell about the launch of a new project is to conduct a live marketing campaign.   Today we will talk about how we organized the promotion of the series “Patriot” from the TV channel “TNT”.   Goals and challenges   Goals of the project:   1. Increase loyalty of the channel’s regular audience.2. To attract a new audience, to give the key information (the start of the show, the plot).3. Strengthen the positive brand image through the event.   To achieve the goals, the following tasks were set::   1. Creating an address program, branding equipment.2. Equipment preparation.3. The scenario of the event.4. Training of personnel (promoters, supervisors, operators, etc.).   Now we will briefly tell you about the customer.   About the customer   “Patriot” is a TV series from TNT released in 2020. The story is about an ordinary soldier who returned to his town with the firm intention of serving for the benefit of his fellow citizens. The fight against daily injustice is becoming a new reality for Sani Kuchin. The viewer is fascinated by the development of events, together with the hero passing a difficult path. All this for the sake of a great goal – to make life in Russia better. The hero gets a job as a security guard, but in his heart dreams of studying at the FSB Academy. Whether the aspirations of a young person will come true, whether the lives of people around them will change and how this will affect their own fate – see the series.   In March 2020, we organized a number of city promotions. Read more about the progress.   Implementation   TNT’s audience is young and mature. Our work was aimed at a wide coverage, including all potential viewers from 14 to 40 years old.   The Patriot Healthy Lifestyle marathon was held in 29 cities of Russia. We were responsible for the campaign in Petrozavodsk.   The work included the following activities:   Mechanics of campaign   We organized an event aimed at motivating people to do sports and lead a healthy lifestyle.   On the site, all guests could go to the car and exchange cigarettes for dumbbells, thereby giving up the bad habit in favor of sports. In order to make an exchange, a person had to take a photo against the background of the UAZ and post it in social networks with the appropriate notes (#Patriotttt and # TNTPETROZAVODSK).   After the action, all collected cigarettes were destroyed.   Rental equipment   We found and rented UAZ Patriot, prepared it for operation and delivered it to the site. There were dumbbells in the car to exchange for packs of cigarettes. Visitors threw the packages into a trash can, which we pre-branded and delivered…
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Russian investment policy

To better understand threats and opportunities for starting business in Russia, you should study a legal environment for FDI and therefore, pay special attention to the Russian investment policy.   In this article we will explain you all about it and how it influences doing business in Russia.   Some history   Attracting foreign investment has been a priority for the Russian government since the country took its first steps towards developing a market economy in 1991. During the past few decades, consistent legislative and administrative measures have been taken to improve the investment climate and provide guarantees and protection for foreign companies undertaking business in Russia.   This trend remains effective and has been maintained by the government within the period of mutual economic sanctions, since investment in Russia is encouraged and supported.   What it is exactly?   It is a result of the measures taken at the multilateral, bilateral, federal and local levels. The country is a signatory of various international and bilateral treaties that have a direct effect on the country’s investment climate and foreign investors protection. In addition, federal and local laws create a legal environment for foreign investments in Russia.   One of the most important international convention is participation in the Washington Convention on procedures of investment disputes settlement between states and foreign residents. It allows business entities to take a host country into the international centre for the settlement of investment disputes in case of an investment related conflict.   As a member of the World Trade Organization, Russia has rights and obligations with regard to all multilateral WTO agreements, including the agreement on trade-related investment measures or TRIMS agreement. This agreement applies only to measures that affect trade in goods recognizing that certain measures can have trade restrictive and distortion effect. It states that no member shall apply a measure that is prohibited by the provisions of GATT Article 3, National Treatment, or Article 11 quantitative restrictions.   The WTO General agreement on trade in services or GATS, also contains principles and approaches relevant both for host countries and foreign investors. Agreements on mutual guarantees protection and incentive of investments, create a stable background for investment flows. Russia signed a large number of such agreement. It is worth to mention that the first agreements were signed by the Soviet Union and Russia as its adherent took responsibilities over them. By now Russia has such arrangements the United States, Poland, Greece, Cuba, Vietnam and many others agreements on double taxation avoiding, allow to exclude a double taxation of income and property.   Such agreement concluded by Russia, abolish reduce the burden of double taxation by introducing special tax rates on certain types of income of non-residents.   Among the trees with which Russia has concluded such agreements are Germany, the United States, Great Britain, France, Finland, Canada, Spain Switzerland, Japan, Norway, Denmark, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, Cyprus and others, more than 70 countries and total.   The legislation   The legislation…
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Promo for “Toyo Tire Corporation”

The choice of marketing tools depends on goals that company wants to achieve. If we are talking about creating a positive brand image in eyes of client, then we use such mechanics as PR. You can influence people’s opinions in various ways, including through image events.   In 2016, we became part of a large-scale automobile festival in Veliky Novgorod. We’ll tell you more about the client and their goals later.   Project goals and objectives   The main activity of Toyo Tire Corporation is manufacture and sale of tires for vehicles (cars, SUVs, trucks). The company has branches in 100 countries around the world. The brand has been on the market for 75 years, and regularly maintains its status through various advertising tools, including through the organization of promotions.   Period: July 2016.   The main goal was to increase customer awareness and increase the number of loyal customers.   To achieve this goal, we set the following tasks:   1. Attract attention to brand’s products by creating a series of activities and a zone for product presentations.2. Strengthen audience’s positive image of the company.3. Increase the number of regular customers.   Next, we will tell you more about the process of organization. Realization   Veliky Novgorod was chosen as the main place for event. On July 30 and 31, a major automobile festival was held, which was also organized by the team of CLEVER marketing. We were responsible for the area dedicated to Toyo Tire Corporation. We were faced to the following challenges:   Lease of a place   The event was held at Yurievo cartodrome, which provided a suitable place for transport, recreation, entertainment, etc. Various brands were represented at the festival, including our customer, so we organized a special area where people could come to study the assortment in more detail.   Development   The show was attended by both йmateur motorists and representatives of street culture, professional racers, bikers, and just citizens who wanted to have fun on the weekend. Among the activities were: performances of drift pilots from different cities of Russia, a motorcycle show, an exhibition of cars, an auto sound competition and a prize draw from the organizer. Also, all the spectators could fly in a balloon. We also took part in the development of the scenario, being responsible for our area of work – promotion of customer services.   Equipment and branding   When holding such events, it is extremely important that the logo is always in front of visitors, so we have developed ыouvenirs and t-shirts with the company’s distinctive signs.   We also installed high-quality equipment for good sound and hired video operators to shoot the process. The specific feature of the car show is the increased noise level, so it was extremely important to adjust the sound so that all visitors could hear important information.   Personnel search   We found and trained promo models who told guests about the brand, product advantages, and favorable offers on the…
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What marketing ways should choose companies offering FMCG products?

If you start your business in Russia and sell FMCG products, you should know the most effective marketing methods to promote them. In this article we will explain how to do it, taking into account particularities of Russian market. FMCG products market in Russia In Russia FMCG commerce segment growth in 2019, the volume of sales in monetary terms grew more than twofold. At the same time, offline FMCG segment growth is at a paltry 4%. Online shopping is becoming increasingly popular in Russia: 90% of internet users have made at least one purchase online in the last couple of years. As a result, FMCG purchases are shifting to the online sphere, leading to double-digit growth for online categories with stagnating or barely growing offline sales. For comparison: coffee, shampoo and cat food sales online grew by 125%, 103%, and 122%, respectively, while offline in retail stores the growth was at 0%, 2% and 9%, respectively. According to this statistics, you could understand that it is more profitable to promote your business in Russia online. Content marketing By creating informative content, you can drive conversation among your consumers and build strong communities. Having a solid community is crucial to developing a loyal consumer base. Also clever use of content marketing is essential because it helps establish your authority in the space. It helps brands promote their products more effectively than ever before. Another facet of content marketing that is essential for FMCG brands is creating SEO-friendly content. Incorporating a strong SEO plan as well as including strategies for content amplification is crucial because it drives consumers to your website, enabling them to become more aware of your brand. So it is indispensable for you to have a good-developed blog on your site or maybe create a different project. A perfect example of the last one is a Tinkoff journal which was invented of Tinkoff Bank where authors tell about their experience in all spheres of life. SMM Digital marketing for FMCG brands needs to be integrated over various channels to have the maximum impact. This includes ads which play before a Youtube video, promotions through VKontacte, Instagram posts and much more. If you develop your communities in Social Media, you will have a good channel to increase loyalty of your target audience and to attract new buyers. Videos have emerged as one of the most consumed forms of content. The massive growth of platform like TikTok in Russia is a testament to this renewed interest in video content. Because of this, any successful digital strategy for an FMCG brand should include a strong video strategy. One of the main advantages of using videos for your product is the unlimited room for creativity it offers. Influencer Marketing Influencer marketing is proving to be one of the most important digital marketing trends in FMCG. Through the use of influencers, your brand can tap into their huge number of followers and increase consumer awareness of your products. Influencer marketing is also very useful…
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