How to start e-mail marketing: 10 useful tips


Email marketing is an important online marketing channel in Russia. And if you don’t know how to use right, we will help you with it!


Here is a list of the 10 most important steps you need to start email marketing in Russia.


Choose a right service


If the address database is up to 10,000 subscribers, and we are only talking about setting up basic triggers, such as welcome emails, then a simple service is enough. For example, you can use Sendsay, Unisender, SendPulse or GetResponse for such projects.


If the base is more than 10,000 contacts and you are sure that you need complex mechanics, it is better to immediately include advanced services. We use the Mindbox. Exponea, Retail Rocket, and Emarsys are also suitable.


Set up subdomain of a sender


All mails should be sent only from the subdomain of the third level and higher. This is a kind of safety net: if the reputation of the main domain deteriorates (and this can happen even if you do not send spam), everyone will suffer – both mailing lists (including transactional ones) and corporate mail.


Set up technical titles


Don’t forget about DKIM, SPF, and DMARC. At least the first two, if you don’t want mail services to perceive your mails as spam.

DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) is a technology that works for the benefit of email recipients. It uses public encryption keys and other obscure words to confirm that the email was actually sent from the claimed subdomain. Simply put, it reduces the risk of automatically getting mails in spam.


SPF is a Sender Policy Framework or Protocol that the sender uses to specify a list of servers that can send messages on their behalf. The goal is the same-to minimize the risk of getting into spam.


DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication) is optional, but useful. In principle, the presence of SPF and DKIM is already sufficient, since DMARC works on the basis of their authentication protocols. One way or another, it detects the sender’s domains and prevents phishing attacks (fake emails from pseudo-banks, for example).


Set up FBL


FBL is another important abbreviation for Feedback Loop. This thing automatically unsubscribes from mailing lists of users who send them to spam. Without it, you will still send emails to those who don’t want to. This ”hygiene” of the database reduces the risk of getting into spam.


Set up postmasters


These are tools of mail services where you can track the sender’s reputation – how much % is delivered to Inbox, how much to spam. And some of them have advanced statistics on mailing lists, such as how many users opened, how many read, and how much time they spent reading. Postmasters are configured in the interface of mail services for subdomains from which messages are sent. To configure it, you will need to confirm ownership of the subdomain, so you will need the developer’s help here.


Set up a script of monitoring


This should be done if the email platform needs data about user actions on the site. In order for the platform to know that the user, for example, put the product in the” basket”, but did not complete the order, the site must have a special code that will track this information and send an email.


Create a template of mails


All platforms have standard templates, but they are difficult to customize. So it’s better to create your own template with a lot of universal and interchangeable elements, from which each newsletter can be collected in blocks, like a constructor. As a result, all emails will be in the same style, and their coordination will be easier, because all the main elements have been agreed for a long time.

Set up integration with CRM


If you plan to launch mechanics that require information from the CRM (for example, the current status or order composition), then this integration is necessary. Ideally, such data should be transmitted in real-time mode, but not all email platforms can do this. Then you need to set up uploading several times or at least once a day.


Warm up a database


A newly created subdomain should be ”warmed up” – gradually increase traffic from it. For example, first send the first newsletter to 1500 addresses, then-to 3000 addresses, and so on. If you send it to a large number of addresses at once, there is a risk to worsen the reputation of the sender’s subdomain.


In the first mailing list (especially for a long-collected but unused database), you should immediately indicate its value, so that users do not rush to unsubscribe from a company that suddenly wakes up.


Test all


Be sure to test after completing each step. Otherwise, you will never know that something is not working for you. For example, a user puts a set of pots in the ”Basket” and doesn’t buy them, but they won’t get a reminder letter. Or due to incorrect DKIM settings, emails will start getting into spam.

Merchandising for ”Integra” in the retail chain ”GiperGlobus”

Scattered on the shelves, the products are unlikely to be able to increase sales in the store. In order for the products to look attractive and you want to buy them, you need competent merchandising.   We have an extensive theoretical base and practical experience in the use of such an advertising tool that directly works to increase sales.   Today we will tell you about how we designed storefronts for Scoro (part of the Integra group of companies) in hypermarkets ”GiperGlobus”.   Goals and objectives   Our goals were set:   1. Placement of products.2. Checking the expiration date, eliminating the delay.3. Rotation of perishable products to more prominent locations to increase their saleability.4. Tracking the popularity of certain products, recommendations for the purchase of the head of the section.5. Updating and laying out price tags.   To achieve the goals, the following tasks were assigned:   1. Search, hire, and train employees.2. Control over the work of the staff.3. Analysis of the effectiveness of our work.4. Reporting.   Geography: Moscow and Moscow region, Tver, Tula, Ryazan, Kaluga and Vladimir.   About the customer   ”Integra” is a Russian manufacturer and distributor of sausage, cheese and salad products.   The company has been on the market for 23 years and during this time has created 5 brands, including: brands of sausages Dym Dymych, Rossiyanka and Honest recipe. This also includes Good Monica cheeses and the healthy food brand Scoro.   Scoro offers delicious and healthy salad sets, mixes, and fresh vegetables. They have a large number of trace elements and vitamins that have a positive effect on well-being. We have been cooperating with the company for 2 years, and this time our task was to create high-quality projects.   Implementation   We have been working on such projects for a long time, so it was not difficult for us to quickly recruit a team of performers who perfectly coped with their duties.   The main task of the staff was to visit the outlets 5 times a week and design the salad sales section.   Now we will tell you about the points of what the working day of the merchandiser consisted of:   Product placement on shelves   The placement was carried out several times, because during the day, customers purchased goods, which is why the storefronts quickly lost their attractive appearance. In addition, it is important to regularly monitor the availability of products to avoid having empty shelves.   This also includes the placement of advertising materials (signs, posters) in such a way that they attract the attention of customers, are bright and readable.   Inventory tracking and elimination of expired products   During the working day, merchandisers tracked the presence of leftovers or delinquencies on the shelves. When they were found, the damaged goods were immediately removed from sale.   Delinquency is something that can quickly destroy a brand’s reputation, so it is extremely important that all salads and vegetables are fresh.   Recommendations for the…

Yandex Zen: what it is and how to use

Yandex is a big company and not only search engine. In addition to Yandex.Direct and other services, holding has its own platform for authors, brands and mass media, a service of content recommendations (articles, posts, photos, videos), which is selected personally, taking into account the user’s interests and behavior, location, time of day, and many other factors.   We know how you can use Yandex. Zen to promote your business on the Internet, increase awareness and attract traffic. The best solution is to run a corporate blog or buy advertising from bloggers. For more details – read our article.   What is Yandex Zen   As we have mentioned previously, Yandex Zen is a platform where bloggers and companies can run their blogs in different formats – videos, texts, photos and etc.   The main difference from the other Social Media is that it works by machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies. Also it has an algorithmic feed.   The  principle is really very simple: the more a user uses Zen, the more he likes/dislikes publications, the more he actually just reads what is there – the better Zen learns what he likes, the more interesting this feed becomes, aimed entirely at this user.   Yandex. Zen is developing in every possible way: the audience is regularly increasing, new formats, metrics, etc. appear. Yandex plans to make Zen a competitor to Instagram, VKontakte and YouTube with a cost of several billion dollars.   As a result of the constant improvement of the product and the trust in Yandex itself, media and brands come to the platform after authors and bloggers who want to make money on monetization. The latter, according to the service in December 2018, owns about 100 active channels. How Yandex Zen can be useful for your business in Russia   1. The audience of the platform is 40 million users per month, according to Yandex. Radar.2. Ranking algorithms find readers, even if they are not subscribed to the channel. This is a plus for those who need free coverage: they start from scratch, can’t ”pull up” their subscribers from other platforms. The Alpha Centauri algorithm is currently in effect. About the algorithm updates-in the blog ” Yandex.Zen.”3. The CTR (click-through rate) of going to an article from the feed is 6-10%, and the average viewing time of the publication is 1-2 minutes. Keep in mind, huge longreads are unlikely to be readable).4. 70-80% of the materials are read in full, while the average for Russian media is 45%.5. Integration with Yandex. Metrica and external pixels, internal statistics on coverage, read-throughs, and time in your personal account.   The most important advantage of Yandex.Zen as a content marketing tool — an opportunity to get free coverage and gain an audience from “zero”.   Coverage of Yandex. Zen includes an audience not only in Russia, as many people think. Statistics show a wide geography of influence. According to the infographic of the Director, Daniel Trabun, it is read in…

Targeted advertising in Instagram for dealer and manufacturer of medical equipment

Our agency has a large experience in setting up targeted advertising in various social networks. Before launching a campaign, we will analyze the audience, create relevant ads and develop creatives based on the customer’s wishes.   In 2020, we set up targeting for Endomed – a distributor of medical equipment.   Read more in the article.   Goals and objectives   The goal of the project was to increase the number of orders for products.   To achieve it, the following tasks were set:   1. Analysis and parsing of the target audience2. Creating the concept of advertising publications (texts, creatives)3. Launching and tracking campaigns4. Summary of results, preparation of reports   Before we share the project, let’s have a few words with the company.   About the customer   Endomed is a dealer and manufacturer of endoscopic and electrosurgical equipment, endoscopic systems and systems for the diagnosis of osteoporosis, as well as devices for video capsule endoscopy. In addition, the company is a service center – repairs devices, provides advice on their operation for medical personnel and conducts training sessions.   The brand has been cooperating with private and public hospitals for 24 years, providing them with high-quality equipment.   Over the years, Endomed has managed to serve more than 3,000 customers.We started working with the organization in 2020, and one of the areas of promotion was setting up targeting in the social network Instagram.   Implementation   Analysis and parsing of the audience   The company has a website, and is also promoted through Instagram. The page contains news, information and sales posts.   When collecting the audience, the following parameters were taken into account: gender, age, social status, field of activity and interests.   We used several sources for parsing:   1. Subscribers to the pages of your competitors 2. People interested in these topics: medicine, endoscopy, gastroenterology, rheumatology and osteoporosis3. Medical organizations (selected addresses based on the ”medicine” interest).   Using the collected categories and selected parameters, we created a look alike audience.   A Facebook pixel was also installed to collect visitors from the client’s site.   After collecting and segmenting the database, we started preparing texts and visualizations.   Development of advertisements   Images and videos play a key role in Instagram. They should be attractive, bright and catchy. We have created a number of creatives in the corporate style (red and white colors). Examples of announcements We had several campaigns, so the creatives changed every week.   We also wrote sales texts taking into account the wishes of the customer and the needs of customers, described the characteristics and advantages of the products. Examples of announcements The last stage was summing up the results and preparing reports.   Analytics and reporting   We provided the client with both interim reports and full-month totals. During the operation we monitored the reaction of users.   Each individual campaign was analyzed by performance parameters, which helped to make changes in time and offer ideas that…