Restaurant business in Russia in 2021

Pandemic of coronavirus influenced all spheres of business, including restaurants and cafes. The last one suffers losses more than the others. Despite this fact, the average daily turnover of the industry will grow by about 6%.   Restaurant trends are changing rapidly, especially due to the introduction of quarantine measures. If earlier delivery from the restaurant was not very popular, now most of the revenue is accounted for by orders for delivery and with yourself.   But what happen to restaurant business in Russia in 2021? Read our article to know all details.   Delivery and takeaway food   Delivery of food from a restaurant is the most important and relevant trend of recent years, which will only increase in 2021 due to quarantine restrictions. Especially if you are planning to open a sushi bar or pizzeria, this option is just a “musthave”. Without it, it will be extremely difficult to compete and, accordingly, quickly reach a payback. And the use of an automation system for a sushi bar or pizzeria with an integrated delivery module will be a significant plus when launching this option in an institution.   In addition to delivery from ordinary establishments, the number of orders from “virtual” restaurants that do not accept offline guests and prepare exclusively for delivery is growing. One of the new ideas on the market is “hubs” for virtual establishments: kitchens of different restaurants under one roof, between which autonomous cars run, picking up orders and delivering them to customers. This reduces the costs of establishments and makes delivery more accessible to visitors.   Casual segment and healthy nutrition   Fast-casual restaurants are opening more and more, a popular format for those who like healthy food, but do not like to wait long. In such establishments, guests receive food that is close in quality to expensive restaurants for little money, and the service here is slightly better than in fast food.   Franchises   More establishments opened under the franchise. Novice entrepreneurs do not want to risk their project, so starting a business on a successful and stable model looks much more tempting, which is confirmed by the statistics of open catering establishments.   Monoproduct   There are fewer universal restaurants “sushi-pizza-hookah-karaoke”. Guests increasingly prefer more narrowly focused cafes, pizzerias or hookah bars to such establishments — places where their favorite dishes are really delicious.   Fewer and fewer people are willing to settle for average quality in such supermarket restaurants, often for the same money as in cozy, atmospheric establishments. Hence the conclusion that it is worth focusing on single products: burgers, pizzerias, etc.   Pastries and sweets   More bakeries and pastry shops. Fresh pastries are in demand all year round, and you can place such establishments both in residential areas and on central streets with high traffic.   Craft drinks and dishes   An interesting and fresh trend of “crafting” in everything: dishes, glasses and drinks. This is not only a fashionable phenomenon, but also a creative approach…
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Festive opening of cosmetics store “Ulybka radugi” in Perm

We have hundreds of projects of opening retail outlets. We are always happy to receive new tasks from regular customers, and this time we will tell you about the opening of a new store “Ulybka radugi”, which took place in April this year.   Read more in the article!   Goals and objectives   Our goal was to prepare the outlet for the festive opening, including:   1. Conducting master classes on make-up 2. Festive decoration of shop windows and facade 3. Recruitment and training of promotional personnel   Next, we will tell you in detail about the preparation of festive event to the opening.   Realization   First of all, we needed to prepare the point for the reception of the first buyers. In order to attract people’s attention, we decorated the entrance along the perimeter with balloons in the color of the “Rainbow Smiles” logo. Bright balls of all seven colors of the rainbow became a great addition to the interior and created a festive mood.   We have trained promo models. From April 22 to 24, the girls announced the event and distributed advertising leaflets in the hall of the shopping center. The dress code was observed – the promo models were dressed in spring dresses and suits.   The results were analyzed and sent to the client in the format of a summary report and a photo report for each day of the promotion.   On April 24 and 25, makeup workshops were held with a guest makeup artist. Everyone could watch the makeup process, ask the makeup artist questions and get useful recommendations.   Results   The opening of a store is always a holiday for both the company and customers, as well as a wonderful occasion to organize a promotional event in honor of this. In the case of a brand that sells cosmetics and household products, a make-up master class turned out to be the best solution for attracting attention.   We were able to attract the attention of potential customers to the new outlet and increased traffic. Sales growth was noted!   The client was satisfied with the preparation and results of the campaign, and the promo models and the staff of our agency received the highest assessment of the quality of work.   Conclusion   Marketing agency “CLEVER marketing” – federal retailers throughout Russia trust us to organize and conduct events and promotions. We will take care of all issues related to the design of the store, merchandising, search for promotional staff and entertainment activities for customers. All together will help you achieve the desired goal in the form of increased sales!…
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Premium product market in Russia

Economic crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic affected the business in Russia. But today the market is coming back to life. The revival is modest, but noticeable, and it will continue to grow. Moreover, 85% of experts expect the luxury market to grow in the next three years.   In Russia, as nowhere else, the premium class is such a specific category that this very concept is interpreted somewhat differently here than in Europe, where it came from. Why?   Firstly, the historical development of our country, which has been behind the “Iron Curtain” for a long time, played a big role. Secondly, the mentality of the Russian person forms a kind of perception of the premium class.   Despite the fact that the level of general well-being of the population is noticeably increasing, in Russia the stratum of well-off people makes up a fairly small percentage of the total population of the country. And those who make up this small percentage are different from rich people in other countries.   What is the luxury market in Russia   When we say “premium”, of course, we mean success, well-being, quality. Taking into account this connotation, a program for promoting premium brands is being formed. But for the Russian consumer, such an aspect as the recognition of premium is also important to emphasize their solvency in a certain environment.   And if the mass market segment is quite simple to model, then everything is different in the premium category. It, in turn, is divided into narrower ones. The affordable segment of the premium class market includes perfumes branded by well-known haute couture companies, alcohol, pret-a-porter clothing. In terms of the use of marketing and commercial promotion models, this segment is similar to the mass market.   But there is still a premium segment of the market that is inaccessible to a wide category of the population — this is exclusive real estate, author’s jewelry, antiques, means of transportation (cars, yachts, air transport, etc.). There is a big difference between these two segments, which in the second case further complicates the promotion of products.   Particularities of promotion of luxury brands   The main difference between the promotion of premium brands is a higher price positioning, which forms a number of specific requirements. It should be borne in mind that often the premium audience makes purchases on the principle of “just to be more expensive”. This is a desire to demonstrate something to yourself and others. However, in addition to the high price, the premium brand should be radically different from others visually and in quality. Just the latter is sometimes forgotten, focusing on packaging, positioning, and pricing policy. The problem of fakes has a negative impact on the brand’s image as a whole. Distrust of the brand is formed, which does not contribute to sales growth at all.   As a result, many people get the impression that the premium class is just a bright outer shell, behind which a low-quality…
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The grand opening of the first solar power plant took place in the Chechen Republic

In June 2021, the grand opening of a solar power plant – the first solar generation facility in the region-took place in the Naurskoye rural settlement of the Chechen Republic. This is a significant event both for local residents and for the region as a whole. The preparation for the event was as serious as possible. The organizer was the marketing agency “CLEVER marketing”.   The holiday became a high-profile event for the region, which was covered by local and federal media. The agency’s goal was to prepare and hold an event at a high level, to acquaint local residents with the Hevel company, its activities and products. The ceremony was attended by the Chairman of the regional Government, the Minister of Energy and Industry of the Republic and other officials. The company “CLEVER marketing” paid the most attention to the organization: the search and training of personnel, the selection of equipment, catering services.   The key moment is the solemn launch: the head of the Ministry of Energy and the head of the Hevel Group of Companies pressed a symbolic lever.   The event was successful and left a positive impression on all participants. There were no force majeure situations.
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Russian Social Media Trends 2021

2020 was not easy for marketers, but we managed, and in 2021 a brave new world will be waiting for us. At least, I want to believe it. It’s time to write my regular SMM trend forecasts for the coming year.   The fundamental factors in the further development of marketing in social networks will be both the social changes that have occurred this year, and the emergence of new technologies and ways of consuming information.   Socially oriented marketing   The outgoing year has revealed social problems from a new side. Now it is important for companies to talk not only about the product and the usual global problems, but also about new important topics for society. Such as equality, education, mental health, finance, changing food trends, etc. Brands should be more sensitive to social issues in all aspects of their communication. This means becoming socially conscious and focusing marketing on your mission. Mission-oriented marketing campaigns will allow you to communicate with the audience on an emotional level, creating a stronger resonance with the brand.   So, many brands have joined the support of Black Lives Matter and issues of protection against coronavirus, and this is just the beginning. There will be more and more such campaigns. Moreover, brands are beginning to openly conduct a dialogue with users on topics that were previously taboo in communication.   Users will expect such communication, understanding, compassion and help from companies in solving their psychological needs. They will associate the company not only with the product being sold, but also with a certain work for the benefit of humanity.   New formats and the evolution of social networks   The incredible boom of TikTok shows that users are tired of the old communication formats, are waiting for new ones and are ready to actively use them.   At the same time, classic social networks cannot lose the market and have all the opportunities to quickly adapt to changing trends and consumer habits. They will introduce similar formats, adding new functionality to them and making them more attractive to users and brands (We recall Vine). In addition, they will develop their own new interaction formats, such as Facebook Horizon or voice tweets.   Brands should master new formats right now in order to seamlessly integrate them into classic social networks and into their communication in the future.   “Quick” videos   There is no need to prove that video is the most popular format in social networks. However, not everyone could create long videos. In addition, the general way of information consumption has accelerated, so short videos in different formats have come to the rescue. Since the appearance of storis, they have received an evolution into the new formats TikTok and Reels. These formats are already showing their popularity, which can be judged both by the dynamic growth of content, and by the advertising activities of major brands in TikTok and Reels (MAC Cosmetics, NBA, Louis Vuitton, Sephora and others). Easy to create,…
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Organization of an event for U2B

No offline business can do without packaging. Packages, containers and films are necessary at every stage of production, starting from the storage of raw materials in a warehouse and ending with the design of finished products.   Promotion of packaging materials is not an easy task that requires a serious approach to the choice of marketing methods. A suitable option would be to hold image events that fit perfectly into the concept of a company operating on the b2b principle.   Goals and objectives   The event is another step on the way to building a positive brand image in the eyes of the consumer. Unlike a promotional campaign, it is aimed not at increasing sales of a particular product, but at building long-term, trusting and warm relationships with customers.   We faced the following tasks for the team of our agency:   1. Rent and arrange a site (restaurant). 2. Develop an event plan. 3. Hire and train promotional staff. 4. Organize entertainment activities for guests (cryo-show, performance of an illusionist, competition). 5. Summarize the results of the event.   Before we move on to the story about the project, we will pay a few words to the customer.   About the customer   The U2B Group of companies (“Packaging for Business”) is engaged in the production and sale of packaging materials. The site offers a wide selection of containers, films, packaging bags, cans and related products. The range consists of 4000+ products, ranging from paper cups to professional household chemicals.   For 22 years of work, the group of companies has served more than 10 thousand customers, opened representative offices in 50 cities of Russia and has become a major market player. Today, packaging materials from the manufacturer are supplied to stores operating under the Orange Film, Green House and U2B trademarks. In May, the customer turned to us with the task of preparing and holding an event to improve image indicators and increase customer loyalty. We immediately got to work.   Implementation   The event was held on May 13 in Penza. During the discussion of the project, a venue suitable for the event format was chosen – a restaurant in the very center of the city.   Festive decor is our specialty. We have beautifully decorated the entrance and the hall of the room. The decorations helped to create the right mood, placing the guests to communicate and relax.   The success of the event directly depends on the quality of the work of the promotional staff. It was not difficult for us to find temporary employees, because our agency’s specialists work remotely in all regions of Russia. We have successfully established mechanisms for finding and hiring promotional staff, which is especially appreciated by our regular customers.   Next, we started developing the concept of the event, taking into account the goals of its holding. In order for the guests to be satisfied, we took into account their interests and prepared an exciting interactive program.  …
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New restrictions in Russia due to the new COVID outbreak.

The incidence of coronavirus is growing sharply in Russia. In Moscow, more than 5 thousand infected people are detected daily per day. Regions are introducing new restrictions. The main ones are here, in our new article.   Mandatory vaccination   Regions are gradually introducing mandatory vaccination against COVID-19, which more often affects employees of trade, catering, services, transport, healthcare and other categories. They were required to be vaccinated in more than 30 regions.   But Russia is also strengthening other measures to combat the coronavirus. Some of them coincide with the restrictions that were introduced in the regions with an increase in the incidence of diseases in autumn and winter, but some differ.   Restrictions and prohibitions for public catering   In almost 40 regions, cafes and restaurants are now unable to receive guests at night, but they work for takeaway and delivery. An exception was made for catering outlets at gas stations, airports, railway stations and bus stations. The ban on night work of restaurants in many regions is valid from 23: 00 to 07: 00, but in Transbaikalia, for example, catering closes at 21: 00 local time, and in Primorye restaurants and cafes can work until 02: 00.   Moscow restaurants are also prohibited from working at night, but this requirement does not apply to “COVID-19-free” points, that is, those where people vaccinated against coronavirus or people with negative PCR tests are allowed.   In many regions, visitors to shopping centers were forbidden to sit at tables near food courts. There they can only work for delivery and takeaway. But in some regions of the Federation, for example, the Tomsk Region, visitors to food courts were allowed not to take food with them, but the number of seats for planting was reduced by half.   Restrictions and prohibitions on mass events   The most popular measure to combat coronavirus is a ban or restrictions on mass events. In the Astrakhan, Vladimir, Leningrad regions, Perm Krai and other subjects of the Federation, events can only be held outdoors, although there the number of participants is limited or they may need a certificate of vaccination against coronavirus, a negative PCR test to pass.   Residents of the Nizhny Novgorod region who have been vaccinated, have had COVID-19 or have received negative test results will be allowed to attend events on” anti-covid “passes” Multipass 800″.   In some regions, for example, the Vologda Region, Transbaikalia, events are prohibited both indoors and outdoors.   Switching to remote work   Some regions that have canceled the requirement to transfer some employees to remote work with a decline in morbidity, are returning this rule. Since June 25, mandatory removal for at least a third of employees has been in effect in Moscow. In the Moscow region, so far, they only recommend transferring as many employees as possible to a remote format. About 20 regions have so far been obliged or recommended to send only citizens from groups vulnerable to coronavirus-the…
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Conducting a survey for the STEP Academy

Collecting contacts of already potentially interested customers is a difficult task and requires some creativity from marketers. The main tool of lead generation was and remains targeting and other performance marketing mechanics.   But there is also an alternative to online promotion. We called it offline lead generation — this approach allows you to literally bring new customers by the hand. Promoters in the places where the audience gathers hold a consultation on the company’s product and in exchange for some interesting gift to the audience, they receive contacts of a potential client. Gifts can be completely different: from free trial lessons, checklists, promo codes, etc – – to small merch as a compliment-a pen, a keychain, a set of stickers, etc.   Here it is important to think over: the address program and the work schedule (where and when the maximum passability of the CA, the mechanics (what and how we offer), gift options and conditions, to understand what we need to know about a potential client, and what actions he should take. For example, download the application, register, leave a contact phone number.   The project case for the STEP Academy is an example of the implementation of this approach.   Project objective   The goal is to collect data from potential customers for further work on the part of the sales department and to hold presentations of the company’s products, thereby increasing brand awareness and announcing promotions.   About the customer   The computer Academy “STEP” was opened in 1999. The academy trains future programmers, designers and system engineers. Teachers give students not only theoretical knowledge, but, most importantly, they teach them to think in projects and work in a team.   The institution employs 2,800 teachers, who have released 136 thousand specialists. At the end of the course, each student receives an international diploma and a portfolio that will allow him to quickly find a high-paying job and develop in his favorite field.   Implementation   Recently, representatives of “STEP” asked our agency to come up with a marketing strategy to collect “warm” leads. We suggested conducting a survey of potential consumers. A questionnaire with a minimum number of questions has been developed (only for customer segmentation) + contact details.   In gratitude for participating in the survey, the respondent (=lead) receives an invitation ticket for a free trial lesson. Then the contact is transferred to the sales department, which conducts a detailed consultation, agrees on the date of free attendance and sells the course. The project was launched in the city of Kemerovo, where we have already conducted a number of surveys. The next city according to the plan will be Petrozavodsk, and after that we will go to Orenburg. As part of the project, we plan to work in 20+ cities.   The academy “STEP” has 80 branches planned to work in all regions. Thus, we expect to attract attention to the customer and collect contacts of potential customers across the entire network of…
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What you don’t have to advertise in Russia, according to the law?

If you want to develop your business in Russia, you should know local laws, because it is essential for an owner of company or brand to understand what rules are in the field of advertising and marketing in Russia.   The principal law on advertising in Russia is Federal Law No. 38-FZ of 13 March 2006 ‘on advertising’ (the Advertising Law), which provides relevant definitions of advertising and advertising participants, lists general requirements for advertising and imposes restrictions on advertising of specific goods and for specific types of advertising.   The principal regulator is FAS. There are no sectoral advertising regulators and FAS enforces advertising across all industries. FAS decisions may be appealed to a commercial court.   The exemption is the role of local authorities in regulating outdoor advertising, but this issue is more specific since it primarily deals with the relevant permissions to place advertising boards and other constructions.   Let’s have a look at some of restrictions and rules accroding to Russian laws.   What products and services you can not advertise in Russia   Advertising of the following products and services is not allowed:   1. Goods or services that are forbidden for manufacture and sale. 2. Narcotics, psychotropic substances and their precursors, as well as plants and their parts contained in them. 3. Explosive compounds and materials, except for pyrotechnic products. 4. Body organs or human tissue as an object for sale or purchase. 5. Unregistered goods that are subject to state registration. 6. Goods that are subject to mandatory certification or other obligatory confirmation of compliance with technical regulations, in case such certification or confirmation was not undertaken. 7. Goods for which a licence or other special permission is necessary where such permission was not obtained. 8. Tobacco, tobacco products and goods, as well as smoking accessories, including pipes, hookahs, cigarette paper and lighters; 9. Medical services for artificial pregnancy termination.   So these are typical types of products that you can not advertise, but what about some other special goods and services? Here is the most important information.   The rules for advertising as regards minors and their protection   For the purpose of protecting minors from abuse of their confidence and lack of experience, the Advertising Law bans:   1. Discrediting parents and tutors and undermining confidence in them. 2. Igniting minors to persuade parents or other persons to purchase the advertised goods. 3. Creating a false impression that the advertised goods are available to a family with any level of income. 4. Creating the impression that possession of the advertised goods gives advantage among peers. 5. Creating an inferiority complex for minors owing to non-attractiveness or to non-possession of the advertised goods. 6. Demonstrating minors in dangerous situations, including cases where actions create risk to life or health. 7. Underestimating the level of skill necessary to use the advertised goods.   There are also prohibitions to addressing minors in the advertising of certain goods (eg, alcohol). Further, the advertising of…
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Integration of Ozon into the sports festival

On May 30, 2021, the sports festival took place in St. Petersburg. Ozon, a domestic online store, became a partner of the festival. The marketing agency Clever Marketing organized the integration of the marketplace into the turnkey festival. We will tell you about the nuances and results of the event in detail.   Goals and objectives of the project is a holiday of sports. The audience here is going to be special: marathon participants are usually amateur athletes who lead a healthy lifestyle. There were also a lot of children at the marathon. They came to support their parents and have fun.   Goals   We had the following goals: to increase brand awareness and customer loyalty to it.   It was extremely important to make sure that sports people who are passionate about a healthy lifestyle see that the online store shares their values and has fun with them on this active holiday.   Tasks   To achieve these goals, we have set ourselves the following tasks:   1. prepare a script for an entertainment program; 2. prepare staff: artists for aquagrim, presenter, DJ, photographer; 3. prepare the equipment and design the site; 4. think over the scenario of the award ceremony, prepare prizes; 5. summarize and evaluate the results of integration.   About the customer   Ozon is a Russian marketplace that has been operating since 1998. One of the leaders of the domestic market. The catalog of the online store contains more than 9 million products of various brands. This is a one-stop shop, where you can buy everyday goods, digital and household appliances, clothing, shoes and much more. Today, the online platform serves more than 1.2 million users daily, and there are delivery points even in the far corners of Russia.   Implementation   Initially, we planned to integrate the company into the ice cream festival. But three days before the start, at the request of Rospotrebnadzor, the holiday was canceled, we had to quickly rebuild.   A replacement was found quickly. is an interesting and unusual holiday of sports and health, and we managed to quickly organize a promotional event at this half marathon.   There were several zones on the marketplace site:   1. A photo booth where everyone could take funny photos. 2. Painting on the faces is a favorite children’s entertainment. Our artists made bright drawings with skin-safe paints for everyone who wanted to. 3. Show program. The audience was entertained by a presenter and a DJ. The guests participated in competitions. One of the interesting ones is collecting the highest tower from the boxes. 4. Master classes on assembling boxes and puzzles for speed.   During the race, a photographer worked, our employees gave balloons with the company’s logo and advertising booklets to adults and children.   Cheerful music, an active presenter, prizes and an exciting program-all this made the marketplace area bright and memorable. The guests received valuable prizes for their participation in master classes…
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