Merchandising in Russia: is it really useful?


As is well known, 80% of consumers put in their grocery basket the product that attracted their attention with its price, packaging design, and ease of purchase. And only 20% are concerned about the consumer properties of the product, carefully studying its characteristics, composition, and useful substances. That is why the merchandising of goods in our time is so important.


Good merchandising in the store is aimed at increasing customer loyalty to the presented product, at stimulating purchases.


In 2021 it is still marketing tool that really can help you to gain your business goals.


Merchandising: what is it


Merchandising is one of the areas of marketing that determines the method of presenting the product in the store. Trade merchandising is responsible for the set of products presented on the shelves, for the methods of their display, for the supply of related materials, including advertising, as well as for the price of the product.


The purposes of merchandising 

  1. 1. Display of goods on shelves, showcases, stands, as well as throughout the retail space with maximum benefit for sales.

2. Providing customers with all the necessary information about the product.

3. Monitoring and maintaining up-to-date layout;

4. Stimulating impulsive purchases and increasing the average check;

5. Updating the layout and advertising and information POS-materials accompanying the products.


The main rules of merchandising


The Golden Triangle rule


It says that the most popular product should be located in the farthest corner from the entrance, and the cash register-in the opposite far corner from the most popular product. The simplest example of such a layout is the location of bread in a supermarket. Please note that it is usually located in the farthest corner from the entrance, so that you pass half of the store on the way to it. And the cash registers are in the opposite direction, so that you overcome the second part of the store on the way to the exit.


The “blind spot” rule


As a rule, less popular products are placed immediately at the entrance. This zone is considered dead, because a person immediately overcomes it, being in the mode of adaptation to the location of products on the shelves.


The “clockwise” rule


Since most people are right-handed, when they enter the store, they unconsciously turn their head to the right, start moving counterclockwise. Place the entrance and exit of the store so that a person, following counterclockwise, can pass all the shelves.


The “first promotion” rule


Promotional items are recommended to be placed immediately at the entrance. So a person, having already taken the first steps in the store, turns on the purchase mode.

The “eye-level placement” rule


The person’s gaze is directed forward, accordingly, the most profitable placement of the product is considered to be one that is in the field of view of the buyer – at the level of his eyes. To draw the buyer’s attention to a stale product, or to a new arrival in the store, place it 15% below eye level, since when walking a person tends to look a little down. So the probability that the product will be sold out increases dramatically.


The “selection” rule


To attract the attention of the buyer to a particular product, store employees use such merchandising tools as price tagging. The price is not always the lowest in this group of products, but this technique attracts attention, encourages buying. In jewelry stores, separate items are highlighted with the help of light. In clothing stores, it is customary to sort goods by color. Merchandising in a pharmacy is used to display certain categories of related products on separate expositions, for example, cosmetics for skin care.


The “separation” rule


This is not so much a rule as a generally accepted norm. You are unlikely to go looking for wine in the bread department, and canned food in the milk. The division into product groups is a self-evident rule.


The “use of POS materials” rule


POS – materials (Point of sales) – this is another effective tool to attract attention to the product with the help of accompanying signs. This can be a wobbler — a small sign on a flexible leg that is attached to a shelf above the product, mobile-hanging information posters under the ceiling, or giant models of goods installed in the center of the halls. These are also shelftoker panels for separating product groups, and shelfstopper panels for separating product ranges. And, of course, dispensers-designs in the form of a stand for displaying goods.

The “permutation” rule


This method is used to ensure that a person with frequent visits to the store does not form so-called dead zones in those places where he already knows what product is placed. To do this, it is not necessary to move the rows around the hall, sometimes it is enough to simply swap the products on the upper and lower rows.


In conclusion, a few words about the tools of merchandising. The key ones are: store design (both external and internal), its planning, placement of advertising structures at points of sale, product range, communication skills of sellers, etc. The latter, perhaps, plays an important role in establishing contact with the buyer and pushing him to buy.


Some researchers believe that the decision to purchase a product is made by the buyer in 65% of cases directly in the store. When making such purchases, a person is guided not by a rational, but by an emotional approach. Accordingly, when laying out products, appeal to this subconscious purchase model to increase the average receipt.


If you want to realize a project, using merchandising, contact us! We know how to do it perfectly!

Merchandising for “Nasha mama” in the chain of hypermarkets “Karusel”

The goal of merchandising is to increase the external attractiveness of products for the customer. The basics of consumer psychology, the latest marketing trends, and the conclusions drawn from the analysis of how competitors work are used.   Today we will tell you about our project for the brand “Nasha mama”.   Goals and objectives   Our goal was to deliver and install the mounted shelves (additional sales locations) and display the products in the company’s retail outlets.   Period: August-October, 2018.   Geography: cities of the Central Federal District.   About the customer   Brand “Nasha mama” is a major Russian manufacturer of products for children, pregnant women and nursing mothers.   The company’s assortment includes: hypoallergenic cosmetics, hygiene products, clothing, baby cots, etc. In total, the company produces and sells more than 1,200 products.   In addition, “Nasha mama” has ample opportunities for the sale of safe cosmetics, as it owns its own production in the Moscow region. Thanks to this, the brand became successful in the market and gained wide recognition.   In 2018, the owners contacted our agency with the task of selecting and coordinating promotional staff for the installation of additional sales locations and product displays.   Implementation   We have been working on the project for 3 months. Our agency team was responsible for the following tasks:   Search and training of personnel   CLEVER marketing managers focused all their efforts on finding staff to send to work in stores. The matter was complicated by the fact that it was necessary to find performers for different cities of Russia at once. The geography of our work extended to the Moscow, Leningrad, Lipetsk regions, Tatarstan and other regions of Russia.   Nevertheless, our employees successfully coped with the task.   The next stage was the delivery and installation of shelves.   Shelf delivery and installation   Installing additional sales locations is a powerful merchandising tool. It helps to attract the attention of customers thanks to the competent design, which will distinguish the rack from other shelves in the store. As a rule, popular positions or products that are included in the promotional program are laid out on them.   It is extremely important to make sure that not only the shelf is externally attractive, but also the goods on it look so that people immediately want to buy them. That is why the third task of our employees was the display of products.   Product display   The placement of items on the shelves should not be chaotic, but follow certain rules. The price, appearance, purpose, and other properties are taken into account.   Proper placement is a great way to put products in the best light and raise sales.   Reporting   We conducted strict reporting, provided the client with a photo report on the results of our employees ‘ work at the points in time. To confirm the fact of work, the merchandisers took 3 types of photos: the address of the outlet,…

Influencer Marketing in TikTok for Garmin

Collaborations with bloggers can give an impetus to the development of your business. In order for advertising to bear fruit, it is necessary to choose the right platform for the dissemination of information, choose blogs based on the subject and parameters of the target audience, as well as competently conduct negotiations so that cooperation is beneficial for both sides.   Today we will talk about how to use influence marketing to promote smartwatches.   Goals and objectives   Our goal was to spread the word about the Garmin smartwatch line through the publication of promotional videos in TikTok.   To achieve the goal, the following tasks were set:   1. Find relevant blogs by topic.2. Agree on cooperation. 3. Deliver products for review. 4. Provide reporting.   Before proceeding to the story about the project, we will give a few words to the customer.   About the customer   We have been working with Garmin for many years – the company trusts us with complex projects, and each time is satisfied with the result.   This time, our goal was to promote the Venu Sq Music Edition watch line.The models in this series are designed for people who lead a healthy lifestyle. The device tracks important health indicators (heart rate, amount of sleep, stress level, etc.). In addition, it can work without recharging for 6 days, can be used for contactless payments, calls and Internet access.   With the help of a watch, a person can monitor the state of the body, plan workouts and rest, measure health indicators and, of course, select and download music for classes.   Implementation   During the negotiations, it was decided to order paid placement from popular TikTok bloggers. The search was focused among channels about sports, nutrition, and training. In this way, we hoped to attract an audience that would be potentially interested in buying the client’s products.Did we manage to achieve our goal? We will tell you more!   So, we were faced with the following tasks:   Search for performers   To implement the project, we searched for channels in the TikTok app. The selection took into account the topic of blogging, the number of subscribers and the average number of views of recent videos, which helped to predict the coverage of videos with advertising integration enabled.   Together with the customer, it was decided to offer the recording of commercials to 4 large ticktockers:   1. Ekaterina Hristas-the girl records entertaining and motivating videos about weight loss and a healthy lifestyle, gives recommendations and offers effective ways of training for different muscle groups.2. Vera Biryukova is an Olympic champion in rhythmic gymnastics and runs her own channel, where she shares her daily sports routine, gives advice to those who are interested in gymnastics and stretching.3. Daria Chepyzhko, whose blog is dedicated to magic tricks and funny tricks. The girl reveals the secrets of magic tricks so that everyone can repeat them on their own.4. Daria Chumakova shoots funny videos from…

How to realize an advertising campaign in Vkontacte: main rules

Should you run advertising campaign in VKontacte? Does it work or not? According to survey, it works, but not for everyone, just like any other ad. The result of the promotion depends on the nature of the business, targeting settings, and ad design. So the only way to find out is to try and experiment.   In this article, we will show you a simple example of how to launch an advertising campaign in VKontakte, what settings to experiment with to increase the effectiveness of advertising, and where to look for help if you have any questions.   Step 1. Determine your advertising budget   The minimum amount is 500 rubles, less is technically impossible. We recommend that you first take 4-5 thousand rubles to test the channel. This money will be spent on several ads with different settings that will help you find the right strategy.   The VKontakte payment system is advanced — the budget needs to be replenished in advance, before launching ads. You won’t spend more than you plan to.   Step 2. Learn the rules and recommendations of VKontakte   Before you top up your advertising budget, read the general principles and restrictions. Because it is not easy to return money from the advertising cabinet.   You must find the answers to the questions:   1. Will the moderators of VKontakte allow advertising on my topic? 2. Will my landing page (website, landing page) be allowed for advertising? 3. Are the images and texts that I want to use in my ads suitable?   Learn the rules of advertising on VKontakte. There are requirements for the text and image. As well as restrictions imposed by the law — for example, which topics can not be promoted on VKontakte. Make sure to check if your car is there.   Examples of restrictions:   1. if you are engaged in network marketing, your ads will not be approved by the moderators; 2. if you want to advertise an online food store, you will be required to submit documents for the products; 3. if your site has an order form, but no information about the use of personal data is issued, you will not be allowed to send advertising to it.   VKontakte moderators check each ad for compliance with all requirements. This takes up to 12 hours maximum, but is usually moderated in 1-2 hours.   Step 3. Select the ad format   Click on the “Create Ad” button in the upper-right corner of the advertising cabinet, you will be taken to a page with ad formats. VKontakte offers 2 types of advertising for business:   1. Advertising entries in the news feed (visible on computers, tablets, and mobile devices). 2. Ads on the site pages, under the menu on the left (visible only on computers).   It is better for an online store to use the first option — advertising in the feed. It is more likely to catch the eye of a potential buyer than…