Promotion of Garmin smart watches


How to promote smart watches among young people? To do it, you can post reviews and integrations from popular bloggers on YouTube!


This task requires certain skills, because it involves choosing bloggers for a specific target audience, establishing arrangements with them, and analysing the results of advertising campaign. In our case of influencer marketing for Garmin, we will share our experience.


About customer


The company Garmin entered the market in 1989. Its goal is to create navigation devices for cars, planes, ships, tourism and sport.


In addition to smart watches, the company produces: car dashboard cams, car navigators, chartplotters, smart dog collars, helmet cameras, etc.


The secret of the company’s success lies in its professional staff – employees who independently develop, produce and sell products. Navigation devices are convenient to use, waterproof and reliable, and keep a long charge of energy. The warranty period for the purchase is 2 years.

The following smart watches lines were chosen for promotion: Garmin Instinct and Garmin Venu. Both lines have the usual functions of a smart watch: they work as an alarm clock, show the date and time, notifications from your smartphone, and allow you to reject an incoming call. In addition, the watch has a built-in GPS sensor that measures physical parameters: the amount of sleep, heart rate, calories burned, etc.


Purpose and objectives of project


The main goal of promotion was attracting attention of the youth audience from 16 to 35 years old, who are actively engaged in sports and tourism, to smart watches.



  1. 1. Increase product and brand awareness.
  2. 2. Creating a positive attitude to the product.
  3. 3. stimulating the audience to buy a product.



We realized project in two steps:

  • 1. From July to August 2019.
  • 2. from December 2019 to January 2020.

What we did:


To promote Garmin Instinct line, 3 bloggers were selected with audiences as close to the target audience as possible: two of them made native reviews of the watch, and one – integration with the post-announcement in another video.


In the second case, 3 bloggers were also selected: all three placed integrations in their thematic videos.


An individual work was done with each of them to reach an agreement on reviews and integrations scenarios, as well as to place UTM tags for follow-up analytics.


After the videos were published on the Internet, the number of views was monitored. Reports were generated based on the results.




The total number of views of all videos exceeded 433,000 (and it continues to grow!), and the number of clicks to the website — 8795! This result was in line with the customer’s stated KPI, so he was satisfied with it, which was the reason for the continued cooperation of Garmin with Clever marketing!




Competent consistent work to promote Garmin smart watches has helped to increase brand and product awareness among potential customers, create a positive attitude to it, and increase sales. The audience’s interest is confirmed by the number of video views and clicks to the site.

How we opened jewelry store “Adamas” in Moscow

The opening of a new jewelry store should be memorable. Especially if it is a store of one of the largest jewelry manufacturers in Russia, the Adamas company. At such a holiday, there are no small things: for the brand, this is an opportunity to tell about yourself, for visitors – to have a good time and feel confidence in the brand.   On April 3, 2021, the opening ceremony of the Adamas store was held in Moscow. It was important for us to prepare the event so that it would be remembered for a long time and allow customers to get to know the brand better.   Goals and objectives of project   We had two global goals in front of us:   1. Increase sales at a new point of sale.2. Informing the visitors of the shopping center about it.   According to our idea, each guest had to leave in a good mood and with a desire to return again. The goals are ambitious, and the following tasks were set for their implementation:   1.Develop a scenario.2. Find and train staff and models to showcase jewelry.3. Prepare the equipment and deliver it.4. Prepare a treat for the visitors.5. Monitor the event and evaluate the results.   The brand has been operating since 1993. Today, more than 500 stores are open in Russia, a branded website and a mobile app are working. Adamas is constantly growing, and its products are becoming more popular.   Implementation   We developed the idea of the holiday, described the stages according to the points, and worked out the scenario. After agreeing on the plan with the company’s representatives and approving the budget, we started preparing it. Jewelry should be photographed and shown. So we installed an instaprinter-a device for instant printing of photos from the social network Instagram using a promo hashtag. The store staff also offered champagne and sweets to the guests.   Each lady could try on a piece of jewelry that she liked, and sales consultants answered any questions that arose. Before entering the store, promo models showed jewelry to visitors of the shopping center.   Result   The holiday turned out to be warm and cozy. The guests actively took photos and shared them on their Instagram pages. We were able to achieve our goals: sales on the first day of work were high, guests left satisfied and with purchases. In total, about 400 people attended the opening of the store!   Conclusion   Clever marketing organizes “turnkey” promotions. Together with the brand, we go through a difficult but fascinating path from the birth of the concept of a festive event to its implementation. With us, the opening ceremony is bright and interesting.

Is it effective for companies and brands to have their own channel on YouTube?

One of the misconceptions among entrepreneurs: “YouTube is too complicated. A small brand should not even start if there is no big budget for promotion.” An interesting video can be shot in your office without decorations and professional lighting.   In our practice, there are cases when the channel rose to the desired indicators in two or three months. For business, such deadlines are a success. But not always in this case, we are talking about huge coverage.   The main thing in the video is to help your client solve his pain, show the product properties, benefits and use cases. The sensory experience that is formed through video is more convincing and easier to perceive than text.   Choose a brand goal on YouTube   What are the goals to visit YouTube to improve your business performance:   If you have a new service or product   90% of the information we learn visually: the first acquaintance with the product is better done through video. This makes it easier to pass on the use cases that the user will try on themselves. For example, a video about the new delivery of household goods “Frekenbox”. You can use the same video in all your other social networks, adapting them to your target audience and channel.   Most consumers prefer to watch a video review or reviews to choose a product, for example, a robot vacuum cleaner, to form an idea of whether it is really suitable for carpets and a cat, how much better it is than a conventional vacuum cleaner, in which situations it will not work.   Do you want to create an image   Your brand understands its subject better than anyone else. You can give the latest fintech news, tell us where it is better to invest $1000, or evaluate a test drive of a sensational car brand. When you help a user solve a problem in a specialized way, show customer care, you confirm the quality of services and prove that you are ready to be useful, as Huggies does, giving expert answers to questions about what to do when a child pulls everything in his mouth.   Get sales   For the most part, this applies to ecommerce projects-online stores, consulting and coaching services. When you need site traffic, registration, and further purchase of paid content or access to other services, YouTube acts as a lead generator. For example, like Watsons, when it publishes a detailed guide about choosing Korean masks, so that the buyer does not waste time choosing in the store, but only chooses what he wants by clicking on the link under the video. To any useful brand content, add a link in the description of the video or in the header of the channel and get click-throughs. The conversion to purchase is influenced not only by the content, but also by the ux and UI of the company’s website, so it is important to work through all the stages of…

Promotion of the sitcom “Legend” from TNT

This is not the first time that TNT has approached us with the task of advertising support for the release of a TV sitcom. The organization of city events with the integration of the brand is a familiar and familiar format, so after receiving the application, we immediately set to work.   How it was and what results were achieved – read the article!   Goals and objectives   Our goal was to tell the citizens about the start of the new season of the sitcom “Legend”, to give information about the plot and motivate people to watch.   What tasks did our agency face:   1. Find and train staff (athlete promoters, photographer, supervisor) 2. Create a thematic promo form 3. Spread the post press release in urban communities and portals.   About the customer   The new sitcom from the TNT TV channel “Legend” tells the story of a mixed martial arts fighter, whose life changed dramatically at one moment. The team betrayed him, the athlete was involved in a doping scandal and he was stripped of all the championship titles.   The main character did not give up and organized a sports section to help young guys come to their dreams and get recognition in their favorite sport. Will it be possible for a novice coach to realize himself in a new field and regain his lost reputation?   Realization   To increase the coverage, it was decided to integrate the work of the Athletes ‘ promoters into the All-Russian Race event, which was held on the eve of the launch on May 30.   Athletes cheered and cheered the participants of the marathon, held the finish tape, took part in a flash mob and took photos with everyone. This perfectly fits into the concept of the series, the main character of which is always ready to help. The task of the photographer was to shoot all the activities in which the “pitching assistants”took part. As a result, we received high-quality photos from various angles, including photos that show the branding of the promo uniform (robe). We also made a short commercial in which athletes called on Petrozavodsk residents to turn on the TV on May 31 at 20.00.   After the end of the race, the second stage of work began – seeding in social networks. When choosing communities for advertising publications, we always focus on the target audience of the customer, so that the placement gives not only the maximum, but also the target coverage.   TNT viewers are people between the ages of 14 and 40 who prefer to watch entertainment sitcoms while taking a break from school and work.In total, we selected 8 urban communities in the social network VKontakte, which publish the latest information about news and events in Petrozavodsk and a large information portal.   Results   All the goals of the project were achieved:   1. We announced the release of the TV news and gave all the key information…