Promotion of Garmin smart watches


How to promote smart watches among young people? To do it, you can post reviews and integrations from popular bloggers on YouTube!


This task requires certain skills, because it involves choosing bloggers for a specific target audience, establishing arrangements with them, and analysing the results of advertising campaign. In our case of influencer marketing for Garmin, we will share our experience.


About customer


The company Garmin entered the market in 1989. Its goal is to create navigation devices for cars, planes, ships, tourism and sport.


In addition to smart watches, the company produces: car dashboard cams, car navigators, chartplotters, smart dog collars, helmet cameras, etc.


The secret of the company’s success lies in its professional staff – employees who independently develop, produce and sell products. Navigation devices are convenient to use, waterproof and reliable, and keep a long charge of energy. The warranty period for the purchase is 2 years.

The following smart watches lines were chosen for promotion: Garmin Instinct and Garmin Venu. Both lines have the usual functions of a smart watch: they work as an alarm clock, show the date and time, notifications from your smartphone, and allow you to reject an incoming call. In addition, the watch has a built-in GPS sensor that measures physical parameters: the amount of sleep, heart rate, calories burned, etc.


Purpose and objectives of project


The main goal of promotion was attracting attention of the youth audience from 16 to 35 years old, who are actively engaged in sports and tourism, to smart watches.



  1. 1. Increase product and brand awareness.
  2. 2. Creating a positive attitude to the product.
  3. 3. stimulating the audience to buy a product.



We realized project in two steps:

  • 1. From July to August 2019.
  • 2. from December 2019 to January 2020.

What we did:


To promote Garmin Instinct line, 3 bloggers were selected with audiences as close to the target audience as possible: two of them made native reviews of the watch, and one – integration with the post-announcement in another video.


In the second case, 3 bloggers were also selected: all three placed integrations in their thematic videos.


An individual work was done with each of them to reach an agreement on reviews and integrations scenarios, as well as to place UTM tags for follow-up analytics.


After the videos were published on the Internet, the number of views was monitored. Reports were generated based on the results.




The total number of views of all videos exceeded 433,000 (and it continues to grow!), and the number of clicks to the website — 8795! This result was in line with the customer’s stated KPI, so he was satisfied with it, which was the reason for the continued cooperation of Garmin with Clever marketing!




Competent consistent work to promote Garmin smart watches has helped to increase brand and product awareness among potential customers, create a positive attitude to it, and increase sales. The audience’s interest is confirmed by the number of video views and clicks to the site.

Online game tournament «World of Tanks»

Organizing offline events is something that Clever marketing has no equal in. The Agency’s marketers will solve all organizational and technical issues so that participants get a boost of good mood, and the customer company – another interesting event in the piggy bank.   The Agency’s long list of projects includes a competition for the world-famous game “World of Tanks”. Read the article about how we worked on the event and what results we achieved.   Project goals and objectives   The goal of the project was to organize a turnkey gaming tournament. The implementation of the goal included the following points:   1. Increasing the audience of “World of tanks” players.2. Increasing the interest of guests in the game through offline competitions.3. Preparation of a large-scale event for residents of Syktyvkar and the region.   The tasks that our team faced:   1. Writing and implementing the event scenario.2. Selection and training of promotional staff.3. Technical support, including preparing the event site, conducting the Internet, installing computers, working with light and sound.4. Tracking the work of employees.5. Ensuring security for all participants (search for security guards).6. Preparing additional entertainment areas for guests.7. Buying and awarding prizes to the winners of the tournament.8. Final results in the form of a photo and video report.   How we have implemented these tasks in practice-we will tell you later, but first a few words about the company.   About the customer   “World of Tanks “is a popular free online game in the genre of” tank battles”, created by Wargaming. It has won over 110 million gamers in all countries of the world, including Russia. In our country, 40 million people play “tanks”. Advantages   Realistic gameplay and detailed models of military equipment, which are based on military tanks of the mid-20th century.   A variety of game maps makes it possible to fight on the battlefields of Nazi Germany or fight the enemy on the marshy and rocky expanses of Karelia.   The emphasis on cooperative mode has determined that players compete with each other as teams.   WoT differs from standard “shooters” in that it combines elements of shooter, strategy, action and RPG, and will not let even an experienced gamer who has already “seen everything” get bored.   The customer contacted Clever marketing in summer of 2015 with the task of organizing a competition for the game. Marketers readily accepted the offer and took up the project.   Implementation   The work was carried out simultaneously in three areas: technical equipment, staff training, and script writing.   Technical equipment   The site was branded and divided into zones according to specific entertainment goals.   In the first game zone, guests fought a “Tank battle” with the help of radio-controlled tanks, in the second-played a “Board game ” based on “World of Tanks”. The participants also took a photo for memory in the Express photo zone, and tried out the Oculus rift virtual reality attraction.   Staff   In parallel…

Teaser advertising in Russia: particularities

There are many methods to promote your product in Russia, but one of the most effective – teaser advertising.   In our new article we will explain you what is it in Russia and its particularities.   What is teaser?   Teaser advertising is a marketing system that uses special teasers to attract the attention of consumers. Teaser from the English word means something shocking, interesting or intriguing. It usually appears as a teaser image with some shocking name. It is due to this point (human curiosity) that this type of ad has a fairly good clickability.   Teasers as an Internet marketing tool are used for different tasks. For example:   1. Promotion of a brand or product in the network; 2. Lead generation, client base replenishment; 3. Inсreasing the target audience’s loyalty to the company’s new products; 4. Promotions and sales, elimination of goods at a reduced price; 5. Generating traffic to a site or individual landing pages; 6. Direct sales and more. Today, teasers with a reasonable approach and careful preparation of an advertising campaign can give up to 30% of traffic to the site. Considering that teaser ads are cheaper than contextual ads – this is a good result.   Advantages of teaser networks   Teasers are used by many advertisers due to the following advantages of the format:   Low cost   Teaser networks, compared to contextual advertising services, are heaven and earth in terms of click price. If a click in search or in the Yandex costs from 10 to 1000 rubles and higher, then it is much cheaper in a teaser campaign.   Just create and run it   The teaser is the same post on the social network. To produce an advertising message, you need an enticing image + an intriguing title and a small description with CTA. Everything. If you have the knowledge and skill, you can build a “teaser” yourself. Another option is to contact a Pro for help. The launch of the teaser banners in the network is a matter of 2-3 minutes.   Keep up the great work   An advertiser can easily configure the display of an ad block on their site or on a partner’s resource. Teaser networks provide a maximum of tools for adjusting the banner to any display format.   High efficiency   Good clickability rates for teasers are the result of intriguing content. Wide coverage of target audience   Popular teaser networks show ads to a huge contingent of users in Runet. Owners of commercial projects in the network quickly receive thousands of visits.   Minimum restrictions on keywords   In contrast to contextual advertising, where most transaction requests (profitable, cheap, for a song, and others) are blocked by the system.   Types   Teaser ads are classified in three areas: payment methods, time period, format of the banner. Let’s take a closer look.   Payment methods   For ad views   It works according to the CPM model, which means a fee…

Audit of Renault dealerships

I came, I saw, and I checked – the principle of work of our auditors. But the external simplicity of reception hides a serious internal work to identify errors in the implementation of the marketing strategy.   This article will show you what advertising audit is, what tasks it helps to solve, and how it is applied in practice.   About mechanics   Audit-checking for compliance with the instructions, plans and instructions of the company’s management (head office). Such a visit to a point of sale or service provision is made openly, by prior agreement with the company’s employees.   The range of professional interests of the auditor includes analysis:   1. Assortment.2. Pricing policy. 3. Availability of promotions, discounts, seasonal offers. 4. Promo and promotional materials. 5. Product expiration dates.   Clever marketing applies the mechanics regularly. Let’s take an example.   About the project   We received an order to conduct audits of Renault dealerships in March 2016. For four years, the team of Clever marketing has managed to check thousands of points of sale and service in more than a hundred cities in Russia.   Such loyalty to one agency demonstrates the level of client trust, which is formed based on the quality and results of work.   About tasks   The main requirement of the customer for the company is to provide responsible, thinking staff for the implementation of inspections. The agency’s managers carried out a search, detailed instruction and launch of auditors in dealerships. Additional efforts were made to control the work of the staff and form final reports.   About realization   The audit consisted of a supervisor’s visit to the point, discussion with the sales office management of the plan and specifics of the study. In dealerships, auditors checked the quality of the advertising campaign. Since the brand regularly changes its marketing emphasis, additional efforts were required to deliver and correctly place promotional materials in the service offices.   Supervisors recalculated advertising products (banners, leaflets), helped with installation, and checked the result with the approved planogram.   Result   As part of the project, employees of agency visited hundreds of dealerships to audit and place advertising materials. These sessions helped to establish a consistent marketing strategy in the field.   Clever marketing has a wealth of experience in conducting marketing research of various subjects, scale and level of communication with representatives of the point (open and closed) in the country.