Russian Social Media Trends 2021


2020 was not easy for marketers, but we managed, and in 2021 a brave new world will be waiting for us. At least, I want to believe it. It’s time to write my regular SMM trend forecasts for the coming year.


The fundamental factors in the further development of marketing in social networks will be both the social changes that have occurred this year, and the emergence of new technologies and ways of consuming information.


Socially oriented marketing


The outgoing year has revealed social problems from a new side. Now it is important for companies to talk not only about the product and the usual global problems, but also about new important topics for society. Such as equality, education, mental health, finance, changing food trends, etc. Brands should be more sensitive to social issues in all aspects of their communication. This means becoming socially conscious and focusing marketing on your mission. Mission-oriented marketing campaigns will allow you to communicate with the audience on an emotional level, creating a stronger resonance with the brand.


So, many brands have joined the support of Black Lives Matter and issues of protection against coronavirus, and this is just the beginning. There will be more and more such campaigns. Moreover, brands are beginning to openly conduct a dialogue with users on topics that were previously taboo in communication.


Users will expect such communication, understanding, compassion and help from companies in solving their psychological needs. They will associate the company not only with the product being sold, but also with a certain work for the benefit of humanity.


New formats and the evolution of social networks


The incredible boom of TikTok shows that users are tired of the old communication formats, are waiting for new ones and are ready to actively use them.


At the same time, classic social networks cannot lose the market and have all the opportunities to quickly adapt to changing trends and consumer habits. They will introduce similar formats, adding new functionality to them and making them more attractive to users and brands (We recall Vine). In addition, they will develop their own new interaction formats, such as Facebook Horizon or voice tweets.


Brands should master new formats right now in order to seamlessly integrate them into classic social networks and into their communication in the future.


“Quick” videos


There is no need to prove that video is the most popular format in social networks. However, not everyone could create long videos. In addition, the general way of information consumption has accelerated, so short videos in different formats have come to the rescue. Since the appearance of storis, they have received an evolution into the new formats TikTok and Reels. These formats are already showing their popularity, which can be judged both by the dynamic growth of content, and by the advertising activities of major brands in TikTok and Reels (MAC Cosmetics, NBA, Louis Vuitton, Sephora and others).

Russian Social Media Trends 2021

Easy to create, easy to watch is a trend that has only intensified due to the global crisis, the rules of social distancing and the transfer of employees to work from home, which has led to an increase in the number of people creating and consuming content on smartphones.


For brands, this trend should become the main one in the next 12 months. If you want to be ahead of everyone and keep up to date with events, it is very important to use new features and think about the demand for “fast” content.


“Remixing” content


Another new trend that will develop in new content creation formats is ”remixing”. This is an approach that allows and encourages taking existing formats, templates or ideas and reworking them to express the user’s personality and ideas. It appeared and is growing thanks to the same TikTok and Instagram Reels. The trend is gaining momentum.


Even now, we can say that masks and stickers in Instagram are suitable for this approach, among other things. In the future, there will be even more opportunities for co-production, as brands will provide users with templates for creating their content. This will allow us to establish more organic connections between companies and consumers.


The marketing industry can expect that 2021 will bring even more opportunities for creating remixes, when brands will interact with a new audience and create additional content that will allow them to stand out.


Live broadcasts


Thanks to the pandemic, the format of live broadcasts has become even more popular and attractive for users. Facebook Instagram is currently streaming one in five videos live, and 1 million Instagram users watch live videos every day. Other social platforms, such as Twitter, YouTube and even LinkedIn, have also picked up the trend for “live” video.


One of the main reasons why live video has become so popular for both brands and users is the high level of interaction and engagement that it causes. Live video has the highest level of engagement among all types of content, allowing the audience to interact with brands and companies on social networks in real time. Users got the feeling of being able to influence the action and participate in it, rather than passively watching. This corresponds to the demand for instant satisfaction and the desire to create content together with the brand.


Conversational marketing


The development and evolution of voice interaction and control technologies creates new communication formats on the market. It has become easier for users to ” Talk”, and marketing has received a new channel and ways to interact.


Previously, voice was important for communication, and calls significantly outweighed the use of text messages. However, currently 68% of consumers write more than they talk on their smartphones. However, voice communication, search, notes, audio messages, assistants, and even voice tweets are returning to the marketing industry. The audio format has become more perceptible, which has also served the development of podcasts.

Russian Social Media Trends 2021

We will be waiting for new formats for creating, searching and delivering information using voice. Businesses need to be prepared so that the user can receive and find information about products and company news in a voice format.




The trend that has appeared for a long time has received a new impetus with the advent of Spark AR for creating virtual “masks”. Brands have already started using augmented reality in promotion, testing various approaches. AR has become not only a playful and interactive way to attract attention, but also allowed us to bring a new additional experience of user interaction with the product and brand.


The ability to interact on social networks is what sets the environment apart from others, and AR is the next evolution of this interaction. Next year, we are waiting for even more engaging activities, games and various effects with the integration of brands.


At the same time, the ease of creating masks and the emergence of 3d modeling technologies in new smartphones will affect the overall improvement of user content. Therefore, it will become more difficult for brands to “surprise”.


Authentic content


Speaking of masks and content in general, brands will have to find a balance between improvements, “authenticity” and the quality of the materials posted.


This forecast is accompanied by two factors:


First, recent research shows, in principle, that opinion leaders and brands get more engagement by posting raw, “truthful” content. The more authentic the post looks, the more users express their approval for it.


Secondly, Instagram has already faced accusations of an increase in the level of depression among young people due to the fashion for retouched and unnatural photos, which led to a ban on filters for improving the face and masks that simulate plastic surgery.


Now the social network itself promotes the trend for real content without processing.


Taking care of the cleanliness of social networks


The growth of digital disinformation, account tagging, bots are some of the important problems that social networks are currently solving.


Social networks have always blurred the boundaries between fact and fiction-from the heavily edited lives of some instagrammers, fake reviews and posts to parody Twitter accounts. The health crisis caused by COVID-19 has highlighted the problem of misinformation. Society is facing an uncertain future, and this uncertainty has created a hotbed of false stories leading to life-changing decisions.


The marketing industry can expect that next year will be a turning point in this direction, thanks to the technical development of algorithms and the social demand for” purity ” of content. Brands should be prepared to spend more resources on checking content and refuse to use any cheating and bots. And in case of violation of the “rules”, be prepared for sanctions from social networks, which will only increase.


Control over bloggers


There are more and more bloggers, now it is already a serious industry in which marketing has taken its logical place. Social networks see this trend and do not want to lose their budgets. Therefore, there are tools such as “Branded Content” on instagram.


And these are only the first attempts to take this market under financial control.


New integrated tools for advertising interaction between bloggers and brands directly on the sites will also be introduced.


Such tools will become more profitable for brands at the initial stage.


At the same time, we can expect the emergence of new ways to control and track advertising from bloggers and ban it, for various reasons.


Stores in social networks


The approach to online shopping is changing, people want to buy in a few clicks and not go from social networks to other sites. This affects both the distribution of new sales tools “Shopping tags”, and the general approach to filling social networks. Now, getting to your profile, the user should understand in a few seconds what the company is selling, get a quick response and easily close the purchase without leaving the application.

Russian Social Media Trends 2021

Facebook Instagram stores, ASOS, Clothing the Gap, Fy, and Levi’s have already started selling their products through Instagram, Facebook, and even Pinterest catalogs.


The conversion funnel will be simplified as much as possible, and social networks will become a “Shop on the couch” of a new era.


Personalized marketing


With the appearance of an increasing number of companies in social networks, users have become more selective about content. As a result, social networks have introduced personal feeds, and brands have begun to include personalization in their marketing strategies on social networks in order to surprise and attract users.


It is social networks that allow you to get large amounts of demographic data, previous purchases and content preferences.


Based on this data, personalized advertising, offers, content and integrations are already being created, allowing you to generate personal videos and photos with brand integration.


Next year, the amount of user data will increase and new tools for personalized marketing will appear. So if you don’t collect your customers ‘ data yet, at least connect Facebook pixel, which will do it for you.


Free promotion will die


Social networks have thoroughly studied the algorithms of user behavior, gained access to all the necessary information and increased the technical resources for tracking actions. Now they care about the cleanliness of the sites, because they see the request of society for this. In addition, the elimination of gray promotion methods will allow sites to receive even more resources from classic advertising tools.


For brands, it also became clear that cheating does not give a high-quality result. Performance indicators have not been measured by the number of subscribers and likes for a long time. Moreover, the use of gray methods can greatly affect the further work with white ones.


Everything is going to the fact that all possible services of “tricky promotion” will finally die. Punitive measures will only increase, and the risks of losing your account will be incomparable with the possible result.

Restaurant business in Russia in 2021

Pandemic of coronavirus influenced all spheres of business, including restaurants and cafes. The last one suffers losses more than the others. Despite this fact, the average daily turnover of the industry will grow by about 6%.   Restaurant trends are changing rapidly, especially due to the introduction of quarantine measures. If earlier delivery from the restaurant was not very popular, now most of the revenue is accounted for by orders for delivery and with yourself.   But what happen to restaurant business in Russia in 2021? Read our article to know all details.   Delivery and takeaway food   Delivery of food from a restaurant is the most important and relevant trend of recent years, which will only increase in 2021 due to quarantine restrictions. Especially if you are planning to open a sushi bar or pizzeria, this option is just a “musthave”. Without it, it will be extremely difficult to compete and, accordingly, quickly reach a payback. And the use of an automation system for a sushi bar or pizzeria with an integrated delivery module will be a significant plus when launching this option in an institution.   In addition to delivery from ordinary establishments, the number of orders from “virtual” restaurants that do not accept offline guests and prepare exclusively for delivery is growing. One of the new ideas on the market is “hubs” for virtual establishments: kitchens of different restaurants under one roof, between which autonomous cars run, picking up orders and delivering them to customers. This reduces the costs of establishments and makes delivery more accessible to visitors.   Casual segment and healthy nutrition   Fast-casual restaurants are opening more and more, a popular format for those who like healthy food, but do not like to wait long. In such establishments, guests receive food that is close in quality to expensive restaurants for little money, and the service here is slightly better than in fast food.   Franchises   More establishments opened under the franchise. Novice entrepreneurs do not want to risk their project, so starting a business on a successful and stable model looks much more tempting, which is confirmed by the statistics of open catering establishments.   Monoproduct   There are fewer universal restaurants “sushi-pizza-hookah-karaoke”. Guests increasingly prefer more narrowly focused cafes, pizzerias or hookah bars to such establishments — places where their favorite dishes are really delicious.   Fewer and fewer people are willing to settle for average quality in such supermarket restaurants, often for the same money as in cozy, atmospheric establishments. Hence the conclusion that it is worth focusing on single products: burgers, pizzerias, etc.   Pastries and sweets   More bakeries and pastry shops. Fresh pastries are in demand all year round, and you can place such establishments both in residential areas and on central streets with high traffic.   Craft drinks and dishes   An interesting and fresh trend of “crafting” in everything: dishes, glasses and drinks. This is not only a fashionable phenomenon, but also a creative approach…

Festive opening of cosmetics store “Ulybka radugi” in Perm

We have hundreds of projects of opening retail outlets. We are always happy to receive new tasks from regular customers, and this time we will tell you about the opening of a new store “Ulybka radugi”, which took place in April this year.   Read more in the article!   Goals and objectives   Our goal was to prepare the outlet for the festive opening, including:   1. Conducting master classes on make-up 2. Festive decoration of shop windows and facade 3. Recruitment and training of promotional personnel   Next, we will tell you in detail about the preparation of festive event to the opening.   Realization   First of all, we needed to prepare the point for the reception of the first buyers. In order to attract people’s attention, we decorated the entrance along the perimeter with balloons in the color of the “Rainbow Smiles” logo. Bright balls of all seven colors of the rainbow became a great addition to the interior and created a festive mood.   We have trained promo models. From April 22 to 24, the girls announced the event and distributed advertising leaflets in the hall of the shopping center. The dress code was observed – the promo models were dressed in spring dresses and suits.   The results were analyzed and sent to the client in the format of a summary report and a photo report for each day of the promotion.   On April 24 and 25, makeup workshops were held with a guest makeup artist. Everyone could watch the makeup process, ask the makeup artist questions and get useful recommendations.   Results   The opening of a store is always a holiday for both the company and customers, as well as a wonderful occasion to organize a promotional event in honor of this. In the case of a brand that sells cosmetics and household products, a make-up master class turned out to be the best solution for attracting attention.   We were able to attract the attention of potential customers to the new outlet and increased traffic. Sales growth was noted!   The client was satisfied with the preparation and results of the campaign, and the promo models and the staff of our agency received the highest assessment of the quality of work.   Conclusion   Marketing agency “CLEVER marketing” – federal retailers throughout Russia trust us to organize and conduct events and promotions. We will take care of all issues related to the design of the store, merchandising, search for promotional staff and entertainment activities for customers. All together will help you achieve the desired goal in the form of increased sales!…

Premium product market in Russia

Economic crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic affected the business in Russia. But today the market is coming back to life. The revival is modest, but noticeable, and it will continue to grow. Moreover, 85% of experts expect the luxury market to grow in the next three years.   In Russia, as nowhere else, the premium class is such a specific category that this very concept is interpreted somewhat differently here than in Europe, where it came from. Why?   Firstly, the historical development of our country, which has been behind the “Iron Curtain” for a long time, played a big role. Secondly, the mentality of the Russian person forms a kind of perception of the premium class.   Despite the fact that the level of general well-being of the population is noticeably increasing, in Russia the stratum of well-off people makes up a fairly small percentage of the total population of the country. And those who make up this small percentage are different from rich people in other countries.   What is the luxury market in Russia   When we say “premium”, of course, we mean success, well-being, quality. Taking into account this connotation, a program for promoting premium brands is being formed. But for the Russian consumer, such an aspect as the recognition of premium is also important to emphasize their solvency in a certain environment.   And if the mass market segment is quite simple to model, then everything is different in the premium category. It, in turn, is divided into narrower ones. The affordable segment of the premium class market includes perfumes branded by well-known haute couture companies, alcohol, pret-a-porter clothing. In terms of the use of marketing and commercial promotion models, this segment is similar to the mass market.   But there is still a premium segment of the market that is inaccessible to a wide category of the population — this is exclusive real estate, author’s jewelry, antiques, means of transportation (cars, yachts, air transport, etc.). There is a big difference between these two segments, which in the second case further complicates the promotion of products.   Particularities of promotion of luxury brands   The main difference between the promotion of premium brands is a higher price positioning, which forms a number of specific requirements. It should be borne in mind that often the premium audience makes purchases on the principle of “just to be more expensive”. This is a desire to demonstrate something to yourself and others. However, in addition to the high price, the premium brand should be radically different from others visually and in quality. Just the latter is sometimes forgotten, focusing on packaging, positioning, and pricing policy. The problem of fakes has a negative impact on the brand’s image as a whole. Distrust of the brand is formed, which does not contribute to sales growth at all.   As a result, many people get the impression that the premium class is just a bright outer shell, behind which a low-quality…