Display advertising in Russia: particularities


Display advertising on the Internet is a kind of mix that includes the main formats for submitting information. It includes text, audio-visual materials, and interactive elements. For example, a media page may contain branded videos, audio ads, banners, text ads, and so on. In the West, such a complex capture of target audience attention was dubbed the term display ads. In other words, any ad that we see or hear from the screen can be considered a display ad.


In Russia, this type of advertising is quietly popular because of its price (it isn’t very expensive) and variety of formats. First of all, let’s speak about its advantages and disadvantages.


Pros and cons


We will list just some of them which are the most important to set up this type of advertising.


The capture of attention


Users are more likely to click on a media page than on a regular text block. Animation, interactivity, sliders, and a survey increase the involvement of the target audience.



In contextual advertising, the cost of placing ads is constantly increasing. Display advertising in ad networks is much cheaper.



Targeting a relevant audience, which increases the effectiveness of the campaign.


The disadvantages include banner blindness – the tendency of users not to notice ads due to the overload of information flow. The intrusiveness of some types of ads does not cause the desired response from users.


Formats of display ads


It is mainly associated with the following formats for submitting information:




Outside of the Internet, advertising has all the characteristics of display ads, that is, it affects a person in a complex way, but without interactivity. The offline direction includes outdoor advertising (banners, banners, posters), print ads, TV shows, and internal advertising.


The advantages of this format are wide audience coverage. Disadvantages – lack of targeting and high cost. However, experts note that conservative methods give a good response in the regions of the Russian Federation. Using call tracking technology, you can track the effectiveness of offline ad sources.




They were the basis for online media advertising. This format is a graphic element that contains an image or animation. Blocks can be dynamic or static, and have fixed or floating sizes. Banner networks use the programmatic technology, which automatically detects the target audience of an ad message and offers users options for displaying ads: RTB auction or programmatic direct.

Types of banners:

  1. 1. Graphic-still image or simple gif animation;

2. Text and graphic – image and description;

3. A teaser block is often a shocking image with a provocative title;

4. Slider-the slot uses several creatives that change according to a schedule;

5. Expandable-stretchable banners;

6. Rich-media – a rich block of information that POPs up on top of the page content. Often contains an audio track. This format often irritates the audience, so use it only with a hot audience. Pop-up banners can appear when you hover the cursor, for example, on the « close » site icon or when scrolling with the mouse;

7. Full-screen – located on the entire width of the page background. They are often used to promote a brand or product on a website.


Text and image blocks


Advanced contextual ad format: short title, accompanying text, and subject image. The task of the block is to interest the user in a relevant offer so that they click on the banner. A classic example of where display ads are placed is the Yandex (Yan) and Google (CMS) partner networks. The same format is used for promotion in social networks.


Video advertising


Videos are used on channels inside the hosting companies themselves-YouTube, RuTube, Vimeo, and others, as well as in the body of banner slots. Videos qualitatively expand the reach of the audience.


Types of video ads in YouTube:

  1. 1. Ads in the form of screensavers. The maximum duration of the video is 6 seconds. The special feature is that the user can’t disable them. This approach clearly increases product and brand awareness.

2. In-Stream – these are small ad inserts in any place in the video. YouTube offers several options for this strategy: a video up to 20 seconds long without the possibility of skipping, as well as TrueView In-Stream – you can disable It after 5 seconds of viewing.

3. Out-Stream-shown on mobile gadgets. Viewing is paid if more than half of the video block was in the user’s field of view for at least 2 seconds.

4. TrueView Video Discovery is an analog of banner ads with descriptions on websites. YouTube shows similar videos in the right column for relevant user queries.

5. Branding. Display advertising uses ways to promote the brand by placing banners on the site’s background (full-screen view) and in the page body.


How to measure effectiveness?


Metrics of advertising campaigns are analyzed using Yandex.Metrics and Google Analytics. They also use automation systems for Yandex.Direct, and social networks-Alytics, eLama, Aori, and others. After getting the necessary data, you can measure the dynamics of sales for each traffic channel.


We learned what display advertising in Russia is. We studied the tasks and got acquainted with the types of media. We reviewed the advantages and disadvantages, as well as systems for analyzing metrics.

Targeted advertising in Instagram for dealer and manufacturer of medical equipment

Our agency has a large experience in setting up targeted advertising in various social networks. Before launching a campaign, we will analyze the audience, create relevant ads and develop creatives based on the customer’s wishes.   In 2020, we set up targeting for Endomed – a distributor of medical equipment.   Read more in the article.   Goals and objectives   The goal of the project was to increase the number of orders for products.   To achieve it, the following tasks were set:   1. Analysis and parsing of the target audience2. Creating the concept of advertising publications (texts, creatives)3. Launching and tracking campaigns4. Summary of results, preparation of reports   Before we share the project, let’s have a few words with the company.   About the customer   Endomed is a dealer and manufacturer of endoscopic and electrosurgical equipment, endoscopic systems and systems for the diagnosis of osteoporosis, as well as devices for video capsule endoscopy. In addition, the company is a service center – repairs devices, provides advice on their operation for medical personnel and conducts training sessions.   The brand has been cooperating with private and public hospitals for 24 years, providing them with high-quality equipment.   Over the years, Endomed has managed to serve more than 3,000 customers.We started working with the organization in 2020, and one of the areas of promotion was setting up targeting in the social network Instagram.   Implementation   Analysis and parsing of the audience   The company has a website, and is also promoted through Instagram. The page contains news, information and sales posts.   When collecting the audience, the following parameters were taken into account: gender, age, social status, field of activity and interests.   We used several sources for parsing:   1. Subscribers to the pages of your competitors 2. People interested in these topics: medicine, endoscopy, gastroenterology, rheumatology and osteoporosis3. Medical organizations (selected addresses based on the « medicine » interest).   Using the collected categories and selected parameters, we created a look alike audience.   A Facebook pixel was also installed to collect visitors from the client’s site.   After collecting and segmenting the database, we started preparing texts and visualizations.   Development of advertisements   Images and videos play a key role in Instagram. They should be attractive, bright and catchy. We have created a number of creatives in the corporate style (red and white colors). Examples of announcements We had several campaigns, so the creatives changed every week.   We also wrote sales texts taking into account the wishes of the customer and the needs of customers, described the characteristics and advantages of the products. Examples of announcements The last stage was summing up the results and preparing reports.   Analytics and reporting   We provided the client with both interim reports and full-month totals. During the operation we monitored the reaction of users.   Each individual campaign was analyzed by performance parameters, which helped to make changes in time and offer ideas that…

Promotion of medical centers in Russia

Many clinics in Europe and USA are popular in Russia. Also the amount of the monthly searched keywords, regarding medical services or medical centres, is huge. So, an active online advertising of medical services would definitely attract more Russian patients.   Due to the situation with COVID-19, of course, less of them will be able to use the services of medical centers in the nearest future, but if you start your advertising campaigns now, it will be a good contribution for your company, a sort of investment.   Why do Russians choose foreign private clinics?   Unfortunalitely, the level of service and medicine, by and large, in Russia isn’t very high. There are also a lot of private medical centers where people can get tested or use some other services, but the prices are really too high. So if there is a choice between foreign clinic and Russian with the same price list, it is better to choose the first ones.   Moreover, there are some services and medical supplies that people cannot simply find in Russian hospitals. That’s the reason why they are obliged to go to the other counties to get them.   Other reasons are better standards, high technology, more research and medical experiences in the foreign medical centers.   Usually, Russian patients prefer clinics in Germany and Israel due to the geographical position and high level of medicine in general. More popular, but also in demand the following countries – Turkey, Singapore, Swiss, France, USA, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Lithuania and further Eastern Europe.   What services and domains are the most popular?   There are some services and domains that are especially in demand among Russian patients. For example:   1. Cardiology and cardiac surgery.2. Oncology.3. Eye surgery.4. Orthopedics.5. Plastic surgery.6. Neurosurgery.7. Check up programs.8. and medical rehabilitation.   As you can see, these fields require high-end technology for medical treatments and diagnostics so it’s a reason why people choose them. To attract attention to these services and to clinics in general, it’s important to know how to build a marketing strategy.   How to promote medical centers in Russia?   First thing that you should do is to translate your website in Russian and create communities in Russian Social Media. It is really indispensable because even people with high income in CIS countries don’t speak English or other languages and it’s more comfortable and easier for them to read information in their native language.   When you finish with translation and creation of new groups in Social Media, you could start your marketing.   There are many methods to attract patients to your clinics, but the most effective are SEO, contextual advertising, ORM/SERM, SMM.   SEO Yandex   Yandex is the biggest search engine in CIS region so you should start promotion there. In our other articles we have already told about this method.   In general, there are several parts, how to make the website optimized for search engines:   1. Onpage SEO.2.

Beauty-marathon in « Rive Gauche »

We have been cooperating with Rive Gauche for a number of years. The company is our regular customer and partner. We have already held more than 10 promotions for the brand, including festive openings of new outlets in different regions of the country.   In March of this year, representatives again approached us to organize events dedicated to International Women’s Day. In the framework of the event visitors were able to receive gifts, free makeover and discounts on products.   From March 1 to 9, events were held in a number of cities. We were responsible for holding « Client Days » in St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-Don, Yekaterinburg and Kazan.   Goals and objectives   The customer has set 4 goals for us:   1. To hold a festive event in the retail outlets.2. Announce current and future discounts.3. Increase store traffic.4. Strengthen the positive brand image in the selected regions.   To achieve the goals, the following tasks were set::   1. Development of mechanics and scenario.2. Search, hiring and training of staff.3. Technical support and design of the zone.4. Summarizing results, providing reports.   Period: March 7-8, 2020.   Implementation   We organized an event that lasted 2 days in a row.   Next, we will tell you more about each area of work:   Script development   We have worked out the plan taking into account the timing. It was important for us to calculate the time to have time to install the equipment, create a festive decoration and coordinate the staff. The host had to tell visitors about the history of the creation and favorable offers from Rive Gauche, timed to coincide with the holiday. At the same time, he moved around the hall, communicated with visitors, learned their mood and the purpose of visiting the store.   In addition, he had to offer visitors to use the free services of a make-up artist and make-up using a certain brand of cosmetics. On March 7, products from Chanel were used, and on the 8th – Giorgio Armani.   Finding and hiring employees   We found the host, who was instructed in advance and prescribed the text.   We were also responsible for coordination, introduced him to consultants and make-up artists with whom he needed to communicate and interact.   Additional instruction was given by makeup artists, who told the guests about cosmetics, its advantages and application methods.   On-site consultants worked to tell customers about the best offers, offered to buy certain cosmetics and perfumes.   Additionally, photographers and a video operator were hired to film the process.   Technical support   Our task was to prepare the site and bring all the necessary equipment.   We found and installed microphones, speakers, and checked the sound quality.   Previously, the location of zones in the store was studied so that the staff could quickly navigate the places (photo zone, make-up stations, sections, etc.).   In addition, we have installed advertising materials: a press release, a banner, a design (balls).